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  Site Name Description
Computer Service Sites-> Acronyms Gopher Index Matches complete acronyms in the search index and the definition.
  CGI Test Cases Test server used as a model to implement the CGI interface.
  Complain-letter Generator The automatic complaint-letter generator -- intended to be funny.
  Create USA Build your own Free virtual office web page.
  Directory of Servers Search the database of servers that provide services.
  Ecash - Electronic Money How to start a shop to accept real money.
  Electric Postcard Pick or design a card, send it off, recipient will be notified via email.
  Finger From MIT Provide an Internet address and it returns any available info.
  The Mozilla Print Gidget Send in a URL, receive a PostScript formatted document in return.
  Publicly Accessible Mail List List of mailing lists available primarily through the Internet.
  Software Engineering Glossary Software eng glossary and info (STING) -- terms and abbreviations.
  World Wide Web Roulette URouLette - Random transfer to a new Web site.



  Site Name Description
General Service Sites-> AmeriCom Area Code AmeriCom long distance area decoder area/city/country code lookup.
  Area Code Gopher Enter an area code and it returns the city, state, or region covered.
  AT&T Toll-Free 800 Direct Browse by category or search for 800 numbers.
  Barcode Server Send in a 11 or 12 digit code - the barcode is returned.
  Biorhythm Enter date and biorhythm is returned - site moving.
  Britannica's Lives Selecting date returns list of people who's birthday is that date.
  Calendar Specify month and year and it returns a month calendar.
  Countdown Seconds between two different points in time, including centuries.
  Current Postgraduate Vacancies Careers Research Advisory Center with over 60,000 graduate jobs.
  Drugs - EPA Chemical substance fact sheets.
  Experimental Stock Charts MIT AI Lab experimental Stock Market information service.
  FedEx Airbill Tracking Where did that package go -- replace calls to FedEx, allows status.
  First Virtual Holding, Inc Internet payment system allowing the use of Internet commerce.
  Foreign Exchange Rates Federal Reserve Statistical Release.
  FTD Florist Services Order flowers, customer service, and free reminder service.
  Galary of Interactive Geometry Tools and techniques in Interactive Geometry.
  Harris Reference Info Dictionaries, reference texts, facts, tables, codes, phone, and more.
  How far is it? Calculate the distance, geographic name server, and more.
  Intl Financial Encyclopaedia Intl financial encyclopaedia and dictionary of management and technology.
  Keirsey Temperament Sorter Quiz to determine your personality.
  MicroPatent's PatentWEB Free patent searching and document delivery resources.
  The Monstor Board Career search, on-line resumes, and more.
  NBC 4 Seismo-Cam When the earth moves in CA, see it on the NBC 4 Seismo-Cam.
  Old Farmer's Almanac NJ On-line Weather including forecasts.
  PC Flowers & Gifts Sends gift reminders for holidays and other special event.
  PC AI Links to service pages such as news, weather, software, and more.
  Phonetic Convert telephone number to letters, and letters to numbers, and more.
  Postal Address Server Give it basic address, server returns street/drive/avenue and zip.
  Public Map Server Xerox PARC: world map - zoom in to see more detail.
  Search USA Yellow Pages 12,000,000 businesses search by business, phone, state, or zip.
  Stock Quotes Send in stock symbol and get quote (after a 20 minutes delay).
  Today in History Returns people born on this date and events that happen this date.
  Weather: PC AI Links Weather sites, browser, information, tools, info and more.
  Web Calculator Performs basic math functions similar to a simple calculator.
  The WebTender Bartender's handbook, receipes search by ingredients and drink name.
  Zip+4 Lookup Entered address is corrected, lists of state and suffix abbreviations.



  Site Name Description
Terminology Service Sites-> Free On-line Dictionary Enter computer term or acronym and the definitions are returned.
  Hypertext Webster Interface Webster's dictionary services on the Internet.
  NASA Thesaurus Terms used by categorized alphabetically.
  Security APL Quote Server Enter Ticket Symbol and get details.


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