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  Site Name Description
Tool Sites-> Apple Computer Vendor of Apple related products and associated tools.
  Browser Helper Applications Netscape list of helper applications.
  Caligari - VRML Tools News, products, free stuff, company info.
  Chaco - Internet Software Multiuser tools including VRML, VR scout. Now known as LikeMinds.
  Charm Net Inc Pointers to important FTP Sites.
  CUSeeMe Information Center Reflectors, web pages, patches.
  Eudora - QUALCOMM Email, updates, documentation, system requirements.
  Extensis Corporation Web authoring tools, QuarkXPress tools, product support.
  Federico Mercatali's Free Internet Tools Free internet resources.
  Free Compilers and Interpreters Catalog of free compilers, interpreters, and utilities.
  Freeside's Personal FAQ Useful resources if you're just starting.
  FTP - Internet Software Products include WebServer, WebReporter, and Explore Anywhere.
  GNU's not Unix! Shareware tools for Unix.
  ICONOVEX Corporation Automatic indexing and hyperlinking, HTML converter.
  Information Analytics Developing and marketing web pages.
  InterCon TCP/Connect II Free demo software, TCP/Connect II ver 2.3.
  Intergraph's TDZ Scanners, graphics, servers, audio/video, EDA software.
  Internet Resources Map Graphical metamap for Internet info and tools.
  Internet Tool Summary Internet tools and info for network information retrieval.
  Kermit Communication Software File transfer, emulation, script program, and character-set conversion.
  LikeMinds Formerly Chaco, multiuser tools including VRML, VR scout.
  LYCOS - Best of the Web Development tools and more.
  Matterform Media - HTML Grinder Intelligent link building tools, Netscape color codes.
  MIDI Home Page Intro to MIDI, SDS specification, and more information.
  Multimedia and Design on the Web Macromedia education, conferences, journals.
  NASA Television Broadcast from NASA Lewis Reseach Center.
  Numerous Mac Tools and Utilities Shareware tools for Macintosh.
  OAK Software Repository Virtual software library and archives.
  Open Market Secure WebServer, WebReporter, Secure WebServer.
  RealNetworks Audio-on-demand for the Internet, free players, encoders.
  SLIP and PPP Information Shareware tools for Unix, TIA 2.0 Release, and more
  SlipKnot Version 1.50 Windows graphical WWW browser not needing SLIP, PPP, or TCP/IP.
  Software - StarNine Evaluation WebStar web server, ListStar, listserver and email-on-demand.
  Software Central Download shareware and freeware, virtual software library.
  Usage Statistics for WWW Servers Information on usage statistics tool and license terms.
  VUSystem Demonstration of video and audio using the vsdemo.
  Washington University Education and graphics programs, multimedia, images.
  Web FM FileMaker broadcasting for a web station and MacHTTP.
  WebObjects Web tools for Nextstep - browers, viewers, newsreaders.
  White Pine Software CU-SeeMe, email, Exodus X display servers, VT330 emulators.
  WinSite Web Server Windows 3.1, Windows NT, and Windows 95 archive areas.
  World Wide Web Clients Program that allows you to access WWW from your own computer.
  Worlds - Innovators of Change World CHAT, commercial sales, VRML+, and more.


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