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Special Note on System Requirements: When MS Windows appears, this assumes Win 95. 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, A Pentium Processor, 32MB RAM and 32MB Disk space available unless stated otherwise.

Fuzzy Logic



System Requirements



Fuzzy Logic toolkit with support for various treatments of uncertainty including Bayesian Updating and Certainty Factors. Includes Fuzzy Editor and support for fuzzy rule matices.
MS Windows
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Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Version 2.2
   The MathWorks Inc.
Extends MATLAB computing environment. Contains tools for the design of fuzzy logic based systems. Supports many common fuzzy logic methods including fuzzy clustering and adaptive neurofuzzy learning. Includes special GUIs, membership functions, support for AND, OR, NOT logic within rules, standard Mamdani and Sugeno-type fuzzy inference systems, automated membership function shaping. Fuzzy inference systems designed with the toolbox can be embedded in a Simulink model and C code or stand-alone executable fuzzy inference engines can be generated.
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fuzzyTECH Online Edition
   Inform Software Corporation
Includes all features of the fuzzyTECH Professional Edition. Generates systems which can be remotely optimized on-the-fly. Fuzzy logic system is designed, tested, and generated as C code on the PC. Then, the C code is implemented and started on the target hardware. Communicates bi-directionally with the implemented code on the target system at any time via a serial cable, a network file system, or another communication link. Includes the NeuroFuzzy Module and a distribution license for the fuzzyTECH Viewer, a monitoring-only version of fuzzyTECH that can be distributed with every runtime system generated by fuzzyTECH.
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fuzzyTECH Professional Edition
   Inform Software Corporation
Universal fuzzy logic design system for all technical application areas. Generates portable C code that can be flexibly adapted to any target hardware and deploys fuzzy logic runtime systems as DLL/ActiveX modules. fuzzyTECH's code allows for use in real-time control systems. Supports advanced fuzzy logic inference methods (compensatory operators, fuzzy associative maps, s-shape membership functions, arbitrary membership functions, etc.), and is also compatible for complex fuzzy logic applications. Allows Online debugging with the PC-based runtime modules.
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Mathematica Fuzzy Logic Version 2
   Wolfram Research, Inc.
Set of tools for creating, modifying and visualizing fuzzy sets and systems. Provides examples to introduce users to fuzzy logic and to show how concepts can be applied. Includes a variety of membership functions, compositions and inferencing, standard and parameterized fuzzy aggregators, fuzzy operators, fuzzy logic control, fuzzy arithmetic and more.
Mathematica 5 or later, MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Unix
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