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Chess Rematch with Machine
Mankind had a chance to recapture the chess title
over machines in the match between Deep Fritz and Vladimir Kramnik, Soviet and world champion but only came up with a tie (4 points each). The developers of Deep Fritz will use the experience to make Deep Fritz even more powerful. Its developers acknowledge that Vladimir actually understands the strategies and concepts of chess much better than their machine; Deep Fritz has tremendous tactical strength. If you want to buy Fritz7, the single processor cousin to the mullti-processor Deep Fritz 7, visit ChessBase ( and select Deep Fritz 7 in the upper right corner. For a brief history of computers and chess read "A Short History of Computer Chess" (
Chess Rematch
Man and Machine
Terry Hengl

The Bahrain site (
documents the matches in text format and links to numerous press reports such as Time, BBC and ComputerWorld. For those interested in chess, visit the World Chess Federation ( Ray Kurzweil weights in on the topic at ( articles/art0527.html?printable=1). For more information on IBM's Deep Blue's - see PC AI Volume 15 number 1).

AI, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic and More

Speaking of IBM, that other computer company, it has a
number of research projects related to thinking and artificial intelligence. One site, Think Research, ( has a number of research areas including data management, deep computing, software and pervasive computing. Looking closer into these categories brings up topics such as smart networking, natural selection, knowledge management, data mining, intelligent agents, human-language translation, voice recognition, visualization and a host of other topics. One article for example, IBM gets smart about Artificial Intelligence ( 2001/20010629_ai2.shtml) looks at how computer intelligence today compares with that in the movie 2001, as exemplified by HAL. Also at that site are the IBM Technical Journals ( with one focusing on artificial intelligence. There were 14 articles including

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