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Theme: Knowledge Representation and Management
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Volume 16, Number 4

PC AI Exclusive - Microsoft Research Tackles the Universal
Translator: A Breakthrough in Accurate and Automatic

Don Barker
examines the history and technology of Microsofts internal project NLPWin, the results of two decades of research. By the end of 2002 it will accurately and automatically translate the entire Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) Knowledge Base from English into Spanish, providing real-time responses to Spanish queries.


Back to Basics - Backward Chaining: An Expert System Fundamental
Dustin Huntington reviews the fundamentals of backward chaining, a key to building many types of interactive expert systems. This widely misunderstood approach to rule-based development can take complex problems and breaks them into small, easily defined sections that the system automatically uses when needed.

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The Fuzzy Electric Bulb: An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic with Sample Implementation
M. Alroy Mascrenghe presents the basic concepts of fuzzy logic, where it is used, and how to apply it by walking through a very simple yet realistic example.

It is Time for Utilitarian, Cost Effective Service Robots: The Enabling Confluence of Technologies
R. Martin Spencer
explores past and present confluences of low cost hardware technologies that enable truly utilitarian personal robots for multiple marketplaces. Learn how a constellation of AI applications can be networked to a self-navigating Personal Computer Robot (PCR).

Have You Considered Smalltalk?: Smalltalk Fundaments
Jeffrey D. Panici illustrates how Java and C++ are not the only options for your object-oriented endeavors. This article introduces a serious contender that has been around for a while and yet is often overlooked.


Knowledge Based Systems in Adaptive Training: Tailoring Training to Individual Needs
Barry Brosch
demonstrates the use of a knowledge based system to construct assessment driven systems with self-customizing tutorials.

The Art of Intelligence: A Theory of Intelligent Thought
Paul F. Troncone describes a theory that views intelligence, not as the analysis of facts and data, but as a series of changing relationships based on which he defines a scale with which to measure intelligence.


Cover Photo: “The Lagoon Nebula - NASA.”


AI and the Net
Chess matches man and machine, another AI directory, AI research and information at IBM
Terry Hengl

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