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Custom Services

RuleSphere Builds Enterprise Agility

RuleSphere International, Inc. announces a portfolio of rule based management and technical consulting services, marketed under Agile Enterprise Management (AEM), to develop a structured approach for achieving business rule and process governance. Based on two technologies that enable enterprise agility, Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rule Management (BRM), these technologies assist with business transformation - if implemented as a component in an enterprise-wide business improvement program, and not solely as a technology fix. Their experience is in deploying BPM and BRM technologies (and other enterprise software) to tie the technology into a business improvement initiative assisting the entire enterprise. In addition to business rule and process stewardship, companies realize that other human capital infrastructure programs make sense. Business rules are the foundation for building core business and process knowledge, architecting business improvement initiatives based on core principles encompassing business rule and process governance. The key philosophy is to work in partnership with clients, select the correct business improvement alternatives that address enterprise agility, and then implement these in well-structured programs that align human, business, and technical infrastructures.

RuleSphere International, Inc.
Voice: 978.456.8253



Business Forecasting

Risk and Decision Analysis Add-in for MS Project
Palisade Corporation announces @RISK, a risk analysis add-in that uses Monte Carlo simulation to uncover risks - and opportunities - in Project models. It analyzes risk by enabling the entry of value ranges in Project for uncertain tasks or resources and then it simulating thousands of different outcomes. The resulting picture presents possible scenarios and the probabilities they will occur. This new version includes RISKview, an interactive graphical viewer for displaying probability distributions, and BestFit (with the Professional edition) a tool that suggests the best distribution function to describe a particular data set. Both tools enhance the user's understanding of the simulation and along with that, its accuracy and the speed of the simulation process. It has the look and feel of the latest Office applications integrated with context-sensitive pop-up menus and a result window with multiple graphing and reporting options. Quick Reports generates a preformatted report in Excel complete with graphs.

Palisade Corporation
Voice: 607.277.8000

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