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Business Rules
European Version of Business Rules Software Supports Languages Such as German, Italian and French
Expert Solutions International announces the European version of Logist 4.1, their business rules software, which now enables European corporate executives and employees to write business rules in natural European languages such as German, Italian and French. Additional features include Webbased Knowledge Builder, enabling organizations to update rules via the Internet or Intranet, and an Audit Trail feature that displays all rule versions and updates written since the creation of the original rule. By collecting the enterprise business logic from various sources, such as human knowledge and experience, organization's procedures and documented policies, Logist can display the business logic as rules written in natural human language. By writing business rules in native language, and sharing their experience, knowledge and ideas through a special knowledge chat room; business rules can enhance automated decision-making and guidance. This results in an immediate update of corporate knowledge base without interrupting the workflow. Typical applications include billing verification; fraud management; cross-selling; credit scoring and approval; explaining tax, premium and other payment calculations following citizen/customer questions; procurement management; inventory planning; database enhancement and others.

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Rule Management Targets Fast-Changing Business Processes
ILOG, announces JRules 4.0, an enterprise-class business rule-engine with tools to manage the business rule process from writing to testing to deployment. The JRules Business Rule Repository, a centralized location for storing business rules and related information is customizable, enabling it to work with each organization's unique business rule requirements. Its event management features enables users to create rules for detecting complex time-oriented patterns within event flows. Other features included advanced business rule templates for easier and faster rule creation, and improved language support. In many organizations, business rules originate in multiple departments across many management levels, accelerating the need for business rule management across an enterprise-wide audience. Businesses need the ability to view business rule history, assign and track business rule versions over time, control access to business rules as well as query and manage business rule status. While a business analyst analyzes changes to policy, another analyst must implement global changes to rules The repository is open and completely extensible, based on industry standards such as the MOF (OMG's Meta Object Facility), XMI (OMG's XML Metadata Interchange) and JMI (Java Metadata Interface). New event management features target applications that monitor a continuous flow of data and events - applications such as fraud detection, trading systems, security, network management and supply-chain management.

Data Mining

As business rules are critical for automating security-essential measures such as screening, profiling, fraud detection, and cross-border transaction monitoring, event management features help meet government-mandated security requirements. Web services can have corporate policies applied consistently across all business transactions regardless of whether the rules interface is across the intranet, extranet, Internet, call centers or mobile devices.

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Business Intelligence Integration
Meta5, Inc announced Meta5 Version 4.2 designed to incorporate and automate corporate program applications and data, presenting a solution for multi-sourced data analysis. It integrates data and applications within a visual-reporting environment incorporating other Windows-based applications such as Word, Excel, Business Objects, Brio, and e-mail. Based on the original Metaphor and IBM's DIS/IDS product, several new features were added including new icons to improve integration by simplifying and streamlining the process of creating and updating Excel, Word, and Lotus 1-2-3 documents as well as many PC-based applications. Xlaunch Transformer allows Excel object control for creating dynamic tabs and graphs based upon database values. WordTool Tranformer enables creating Word documents based upon dynamic data sets.

Meta5 Inc.
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