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Quality Control and Improvement with Data Mining
StatSoft, Inc. announces STATISTICA QC Miner, software that monitors processes, identifies and anticipates problems related to quality control and improvement. This combination of StatSoft's quality control and improvement software with STATISTICA Data Miner software uncovers hidden trends, explains known patterns, predicts the quality future and discovers the root cause of problems. It integrates all quality control charts, process capability analyses, experimental design procedures, and Six Sigma methods and charts with a comprehensive library of techniques for exploratory and predictive data mining and discovery. It employs multithreading and distributed processing to rapidly process large streams of data and predict QC problems. It connects to live data streams and automatically updates as new data (samples, observations) become available or actively poll external databases to retrieve samples at predefined intervals. It connects to data residing on your local computer, or to data in extremely large remote databases for in-place database processing. With practically no limit to the size of the data stream, it screens unlimited numbers of characteristics (i.e., variables or features) and records. Fully programmable, customize it using industry standard language syntax (VB, C++). Client-Server versions use multithreading and distributed processing to scale to batteries of RDE (Rapid Deployment Engine) and web servers.

StatSoft, Inc.
Voice: 918.749.1119

Decision Support

Business Activity Monitoring
Vineyardsoft Corporation, announces KnowledgeSync 2000, software that monitors and responds to critical information.

  across an organization - whether sales data, customer service data, financial data, manufacturing data, system statistics, or incoming e-mails. Each organization identifies the conditions that they need to manage. By integrating with common business application, it delivers key information via e-mail, fax, pager, PDA, cellular phone, and web. It can take critical information from one application and use it to update key components of related software products. Try a free 30-day trial by downloading the application from their web site.

VineyardSoft Corporation
Voice: 802.899.1265

Gensym Announces Availability of G2 6.2
Gensym Corporation announces G2 Version 6.2 with enhancements to its model-based reasoning and integration capabilities, as requested by the user community. Included are graphical enhancements to extend the user interface, enhance its ability to integrate expert system functionality within operational systems and the inclusion of new ActiveX control for the user interface client, Telewindows. Developers can now provide full interactive access to a application from within a Windows ActiveX container, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or a custom application built in Microsoft Visual Basic. To maximize deployment flexibility, the Telewindows ActiveX control connects to a G2-server application running on any supported operating system platforms, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

Gensym Corp
Voice: 781.265.7100

Intelligent Tools

Digital Image/Video Search/Retrieval Software Development Kit (SDK)
Convera announces Visual RetrievalWare 5.0, an image and video development environment for creating applications to find items based on image and video content rather than words. Feature extractors include color, shape and texture indexing for images, as well as Convera's Video Analysis Engine (VAE) with independent, pluggable analysis components that perform automated shot-boundary detection (frame-accurate identification of cuts, fades, and dissolves), clip matching and more. Clip matching, identifying similar sequences of frames using fuzzy pattern recognition, enables live streams or enormous video library searches for matching sequences of arbitrary format, dimension, frame rate and duration. The SDK supports 20 widely used image and video formats including PCX, PNM, SGIRGB, TGA and XPM, BMP, DDIF, GIF, ICO, JFIF, PDA, PNG, TIFF and XBM. Supported video formats include AVI, FIT, MPEG2, PIT, QT, TYS and SMJ. New enhancements include MPEG decompression performance and image format support, support for QuickTime 5 and an upgrade to Tcl/Tk 8.4a4. New algorithm features enhancements for automatic video clip indexing and fuzzy search.

Voice: 800.788.7758

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