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WizDoc for Office
WizSoft, Inc. announces WizDoc for Office, a concept-based search engine that links to stand-alone computers or client/server networks. In addition to searching for strings, his search engine implements a new algorithm for concept-based searching; to retrieve documents relevant to the query's topic while minimizes misses and false alarms. Concept-based search enables interpreting of the meaning of queries since natural language and ambiguous words having several meanings. It expands the query via a user-defined thesaurus and displays the relevancy level of each page in the results report. The string search supports Boolean operators and searches for the sequence of words. It finds cases where the word sequence in the text is identical or similar to the word sequence in the query. Operates in two stages, the first stage indexing MS Outlook email messages (including attachments), MS Office files (Word documents, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint files), Acrobat PDF files, Web pages, text files, non-computer documents (brochures, business cards, etc). The next or searching stage has the user enter a search query and the system retrieves pages relevant to the query's topic. It displays the number of times the query was found in each page, checks the spelling of the words and names in the query and displays all the phonetically similar words or names when it discovers a misspelled word. Its indexing module is fully automatic, running in the background on a user-defined schedule. A fully functional product, limited to working with 1,000 documents, can be downloaded from the website.

WizSoft, Inc
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Internet and Web

Add Remote Web Site Content to a Site's Searchable Database
dtSearch Corp. announces dtSearch Version 6.1, of its advanced text retrieval software, for end-user, enterprise and developers which enables instant search access to gigabytes of text. This version allows Web developers to include remote Web sites in a site's searchable database. dtSearch Spider, which extends a local search request to a remote Internet site, now allows Web developers to expand the scope of a site's full-text searchable database to include content on remote Web sites. Other enhancements expand end-user Outlook support, increase its Web-based CD/DVD publishing flexibility, and provide additional .NET sample code for developers. Sample code options now include C#, C++, C++.NET, VB, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, and JNI/Java. All products share the same core technology adapted for different environments. Proprietary indexing and searching algorithms allow for fast indexing and searching of even the largest document collections. Also new with this version is a Linux beta developer component to complement the existing Windows and IIS-based product line. These features supplement the instant indexed and slower unindexed searching of large document collections-word processor, database, spreadsheet, email, ZIP, XML and more and two dozen full-text and fielded data search options. All products display retrieved files with highlighted hits, along with (for HTML and PDF) embedded images and links. Download a fully functional evaluation version of any product.

dtSearch Corporation
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