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Expert Systems and Development Systems, Intelligent Tutoring, Machine Learning, Knowledge Management, Logic and Reasoning Systems

Special Note on System Requirements: When MS Windows appears, this assumes Win 95. 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, A Pentium Processor, 32MB RAM and 32MB Disk space available unless stated otherwise.

Product Name


System Requirements


Expert System Development


Acquired Intelligence Inc.

An authoring tool for building and maintaining knowledge bases via an approach that articulates, structures and encodes knowledge. This pattern-recognition representation based knowledge acquisition process captures all relevant knowledge to prevent gaps and inconsistencies. The embedded inference engine enables use of knowledge in applications that interact with users for gathering information on their situation, applying knowledge-base rules using forward or backward reasoning, and taking appropriate actions. Free evaluation at website.

MS Windows



Acquired Intelligence Inc.

Facilitates integration of their inference engine and knowledge bases into intelligent user applications built with popular development environments including: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, Delphi, PowerBuilder, ToolBook -- or other environment supporting ActiveX controls or DLL function calls. Contains ActiveX control and Windows DLL for building stand-alone applications, and separate ActiveX control and DLL for building client/server applications. Sample applications, online help and printed documentation also included.

MS Windows or Unix (call for details), support for Active_X or DLL calls


DecisionExpert Forecaster

Reduct & Lobbe

Predicts outcomes for new data and automates decision-making using approximate reasoning technology. It predicts outcomes, based on real-time or historical data, and knowledge rules derived by other components of the REDUCT Decision Suite (RDS). It also incorporates human expert rules into the decision-making, finds the best rules or patterns, and predicts both numeric and symbolic outcomes. It determines and quantifies the similarities, discrepancies and inconsistencies between the new data and the available knowledge, and allows decision-making even when the new situations are dissimilar to or inconsistent with past events. It is customizable for real-time data acquisition systems and it displays and stores the prediction and evaluation results in a historian file.

Windows NT (Service Pack 4 or higher) or Windows 2000

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DecisionExpert System

Reduct & Lobbe

This system combines machine learning rules, human expert rules and other intelligent technologies to make decisions, predict outcomes and recommend solutions to industrial problems. Its technologies include inferencing from rules, granular computing for uncertain or ambiguous situations, and genetic algorithms or neural networks to supply optimized solutions. It monitors industrial operations, alerts operators to potential problems, and recommends solutions. It predicts proactive maintenance before faults occur and diagnoses problems during detection.

Windows NT (Service Pack 4 or higher) or Windows 2000

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Exsys, Inc.

Knowledge automation expert system software to build and deploy expert decision-making advisory systems that emulate the interaction people have with human experts to solve problems. Capture problem-solving expertise in interactive systems for delivery on Web/Intranet sites server-side/client side, or as stand-alone applications. Cut costs, improve productivity, analyze data streams, recommend appropriate products, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce training, help avoid costly errors and improve customer relations. Free evaluation at website.

MS Windows (NT 4.0 with service pack 3) MS IE 5 or higher, 75 MB free disk space

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