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Product Name


System Requirements


Expert System Development

EZ-Xpert 3.0

A I Developers, Inc.

A full-life cycle development environment for intelligent systems generating procedural code for C++, Java, and VisualBasic. Implementation does not require an inference engine. It performs extensive verification and algorithmic refinement, creating fast and very accurate intelligent systems.

MS Windows

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This hybrid expert system toolkit with frames, rules and procedures, implemented within a logic-programming environment, employs an English-like Knowledge Specification Language for defining expertise in a simple and intuitive manner. It supports both forward and backward chaining, inferencing and various treatments of uncertainty including Bayesian Updating and Certainty Factors. It includes an automated questions and answer mechanism, browsers and graphing tools. Its runtimes can be delivered within the Flex GUI or within a VB or Java or C/C++ GUI using the LPA Intelligence Server toolkit.

MS Windows

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CynapSys, LLC

Integration of Fuzzy Systems, Genetic/Evolutionary Algorithms, and Neural Networks Toolbox for MatlabR version 5&6 environment. Designed for industries, research and educational institutions. This package comes with:FlexTool (GA, NN, FS, EA, EN, EF)

MATLAB Version 5 or above

$999 - Professional; $499 - Academic.


Gensym Corporation

An object-oriented environment for rapidly building and deploying real-time expert system applications that dramatically improves complex business operations. Provides a foundation for operational expert-system applications for achieving efficiency, availability, responsiveness, consistency and quality. Applications enable organizations to effectively assess, diagnose, and respond to unusual operating situations and to effectively achieve optimal operating conditions. Its ability to capture knowledge combined with its rapid development environment makes it a powerful solution platform.

MS Windows, UNIX, or Linux OS

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ESI - Expert Solutions International

A rule-based expert system with data-driven inference engine using a forward chaining inference method (Advanced RETE Algorithm). It mimics human expert behavior by acquiring information from a source (data) and apply their accumulated knowledge (rules) to it. In addition to the inference engine, it incorporates software components for generating information to explain the rationale behind the conclusions reached.

MS Windows, Server or Unix (IBM,Sun,HP) Server. Browser:IE6 or later, JRE 1.4 and above.


Visual Prolog

Prolog Development Center

A complete programming environment, for building large-scale commercial applications: complete graphical development environment, compiler, linker and debugger. Rethinking the object paradigm with an object system that focuses on supporting large scale programming with multiple programmers, without compromising simplicity.

MS Windows




Internet version of the Flex expert system development toolkit described above includes a web-based question, answer, explanation, validation sub-system featuring the automatic generation of HTML and JavaScript. It supports multiple connected users running the same or different rule bases. Browser back button support allows users to easily go back, resubmit answers, and see the changed results almost instantly. Dynamically recompiling and executing Flex code on-the-fly facilitates truly dynamic expert systems.

Internet web browser and Web Server such as IIS, Apache, PWS

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XpertRule Knowledge Builder

Attar Software USA

Capture and deploy business rules in e-business applications including adaptive training, product recommendation and selection, underwriting, customer support/advice, risk assessment, scheduling, and other knowledge-based applications. Capture and maintain expertise/know-how and decision knowledge. Deploy knowledge components on servers, clients and over the web. Features object oriented development through a graphical Windows interface with a knowledge map to allow users to visualize overall structure; rule induction; automated learning from data; rule- and case-based reasoning as well as fuzzy logic and Genetic Algorithm optimization.

MS Windows 64 MB RAM recommended. ODBC; requires approximately 62 megabytes disk space

$4,500 Standard Edition

Expert System

ARTEnterprise, ARTOptimize, ARTCredit, ARTPrice, ARTQualify

MindBox, Inc.

Rule and Case Based Reasoning (CBR) technology enables intelligent automation of complex business or decision processes and it can simulate fuzzy logic. Cases simplify decisions and solve problems where exact data or rules are not available. The other products are mortgage components that automate the mortgage lending process..

HP-UX, Sun, Windows, NT

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