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Article Index Volume 14- 2000
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Article Index - Volume 14

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Automation of Business Rules: Non-Programmatic Representation DiGiovanni, J. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 16 Advocating automated business rules in a non-programmatic, business analyst-maintainable manner to reduce development costs and simplify maintenance.
Web Based Data Management: HTML vs. PDF vs. XML Thede, E. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 21 Examining three approaches to searching and retrieving documents.
AI Languages Provide Software Development Alternatives: Imperative Versus Declarative Ettinger, A. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 25 How to select software development tools correctly for each stage of your software project.
AI@Work various 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 28 AI success stories from Decisioneering and Capital Equipment Corporation
Web-Based Expert Systems are on the Way: Java-Based Web Delivery Huntington, D. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 34 Discussing the delivery of efficient expert systems via Java applets for expert advice and problem-solving knowledge.
Neural Networks Assist the Financial Auditor: Risk Reduction Going Concern Evaluations Sutton, E. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 37 Exploring the feasability and accuracy of two different models of risk prediction.
New Data Mining Industry Standards: Moving from the Monks to the Mainstream Apps, E. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 46 Overview of four current software standards initiatives: Extensible Mark up Language (SML); Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP); Predictive Model Mark up Language (PMML); and Microsoft's OLE DB for data mining and the effect on the next generation DM solutions.
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 32 The Customer is Always Right
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 40 Expert Systems at Work - From the Farm to the Grocery Store
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 14.6 Nov/Dec '00 43 Fuzzy Cluster Analysis and Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques

From Data to Insight: The Critical Path to Data Mining, a Short History of Data Mining Agosta, L. 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 16 Explaining how to advance from raw data to actionable business insight using scientific methods as implemented in data mining applications.
Free-Form Text Data Mining: Integrating Fuzzy Systems, Self-Organizing Neural Nets and Rule-Based Knowledge Bases Cox, E. 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 22 Describing the application of a hybrid approach to finding hidden relationships within large databases revealing deep insight and generating significant financial and commercial results.
AI@Work various 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 28 AI success stories from The Haley Enterprise, Salford Systems, and Decisioneering.
Tackling Real-World Environmental Engineering Challenges with Linear Genetic Programming Deschaine, L. 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 35 Advocating a unique approach to the challenges of engineering and scientific data mining, control, and process optimization by using fast linear genetic programming technique.
Simulation and Modeling: Engineering's Unified Approach Franks, R. ; Buskirk, J.P. 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 46 Investigating the combined use of simulations and artificial intelligence to improve research and development, plant design, retrofitting and operations and ultimately better business decisions.
Webbed Feet: A Walk Through PC AI's Updated Web Site Marks, I. 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 51 Exploring the enhancements to PC AI's AI web site.
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 33 Here Yesterday, Gone Today, Back Tomorrow
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 40 Filtering the Web
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 14.5 Sept/Oct '00 43 Data Analysis & Decision Making with Excel and Design of Experiments: Statistical Principles of Research and Analysis, Second Edition

Knowledge Management Trends . . . Rasmus, D. 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 16 Examining how knowledge management is being redefined in relation to the e-business world.
Prolog Predicts Chemical Properties: No Laboratory Required Bowen, K. 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 21 Describes a Prolog-based expert system that predicts compound properties based on structure.
Expert System for Online Advice: Knowledge at Your Fingertips Huntington, D. 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 26 Explores Web-based delivery of online advice via expert systems.
AI@Work various 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 28 AI Success stories from Franz, KTI, and WizSoft.
Flavors of Web-based Text Retrieval: Intelligent Searching Thede, E. 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 35 Three text retrieval paradigms on the Web
Saving Corporations Millions: The Benefits of Modeling Buskirk, P. 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 38 Illustrates how a small investment produces a large ROI.
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 33 Everything Old is New Again
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 40 Web-based Expert Systems: Old Technology and New
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 14.4 Jul/Aug '00 43 Neural and Adaptive Systems and Fractal Imaging.

Distributed Intelligence in the B2B Universe . . . Cox, E. 14.3 May/Jun '00 16 Two crucial types of computational intelligence models fit into the data warehouse/mart architectures.
Process Control with Intelligence: Unified Approach Van Buskirk, J.P. 14.3 May/Jun '00 20 Examining the use of model-based methodology to extract the true variablility in historical data sets.
Adaptive and Neural Inverse Control . . . Euliano, N. 14.3 May/Jun '00 24 Describing the application of neural and adaptive inverse control to regulate respiratory equipment.
AI@Work various 14.3 May/June '00 28 AI success stories from Sonalysts, Inc., Groupe S, Genitor Corp., and Megaputer.
Teach Your Portal Well: Notes Toward Intelligent Portals Rasmus, D.; Hall, K. 14.3 May/Jun '00 36 Examining portals and what they can mean within an enterprise as well as a cooperation point . . .
A Technical Description of Holographic/Quantum Neural Cells Sutherland, J. 14.3 May/Jun '00 45 Describing the operational basis for the holographic/quantum neural model (HNeT).
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 14.3 May/Jun '00 33 It's a Smart, Smart, Smart, Smart World
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 14.3 May/Jun '00 40 Intelligent Web Portals
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 14.3 May/Jun '00 43 Applied Pattern Recognition and Data Mining

What's the Object? Bringing Object Oriented Machine Intelli . . . Cox, E. 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 16 Explaining how to add intelligence to web-hosted applications by fusing OO design with ES tech.
Data Enhancement - Filtering for Neural Network Success Dwinnell, W. 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 20 Examining a class of filtering tools to enhance data for use by NN and other analysis tools.
Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems: . . . Sherry, L. 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 24 Examining how AI techniques are incorporated in web-based intelligent tutoring systems.
AI@Work various 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 28 AI suc cess stories from Amzi!/Digital Xpress, Worldfree.net, and DTSoftware/InfoEdge Tech.
Knowledge Management: More than AI but Less Without It Rasmus, D. 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 35 How AI , as the core technology for knowledge representation is now key to knowledge discovery . . .
What's in a Name? . . . Dunkerley, M. 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 45 Issues computer systems have with identity data and how intelligent systems may overcome them.
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 33 Have Shingle, Will Sue
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 40 Future Thinking 2000
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 14.2 Mar/Apr '00 43 KDD-99 Proceedings and Machine Learning

The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 44 VRML Clearly Explained and Visualization of Categorical Data
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 41 Tech support under the hood
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 31 Microsoft Builds a Speech Recognition Empire
FuzzySQL - A Tool for Finding the Truth . . . Cox, E. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 48 Illustrating how imprecision can improve production database searching
New Trends in ES Development and Implementation . . . Hicks, R. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 37 Examining new trends in expert systems development and implementations
Where the *@#! Is That? The Art of Text Query Thede, E. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 33 Demonstrating techniques for using advanced text search programs to find the correct documents
AI @ Work various 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 29 AI success story from BioComp Inc
Data Mining Add-ins for Excel and Access . . . Apps, E. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 25 Predicting how Microsoft is evolving their Office Suite
Exploring MARS: An Alternative to Neural Networks Dwinnell, W. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 21 Exploring a statistics based modeling tool
Rule-Based Management of Options Trading Bowen, K. 14.1 Jan/Feb '00 16 Describing a Prolog-based ES for currency options trading in finance


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