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Article Index Volume 13- 1999
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Article Index - Volume 13

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The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 44 Genetic Programming III and Remote Sensing
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 41 Shopping bots
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 31 It's good to be in the AI business
Automated Analysis of Natural Language Texts . . . Ananyan, S. et al 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 46 Discussing techniques, history, and new methodologies in the processing of text
Coping with the Uncertainty Principle . . . Cox, E. 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 37 Exploring a system that analyzes and then predicts the risk inherent in a project
Application-Specific Business Rules . . . Merritt, D. 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 33 Using a customer support implementation to demonstrate business rule automation
AI @ Work various 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 28 AI success stories from DT Software, BioComp,WizSoft, QMC, and PDC
Square Pegs in Round Holes . . . Dwinnell, W. 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 24 Combining models & intelligent data manipulation to improve machine learning sys. performance
Online ES Bring Advice to Thousands in Navajo Nation . . . Huntington, N. 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 20 Describing the development and implementation of a web centric intelligent advisor
Prolog Assists in Brain Lesions Diagnosis . . . Rasuli, P. et. al. 13.6 Nov/Dec '99 16 Building a system that performs neuroradiology diagnosis

Secret Agent Man Barker, D. 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 52 Keeping secrets in the age of multi-agent collaboration
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 48 Data Preparation for Data Mining and Tracking Kalman Filtering Made Easy
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 41 Wear the Web
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 31 Oracle "mines" Thinking Machines to acquire Darwin
Investigating Jitter Methods: Measuring What Matters Dwinnell, W. 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 38 These jitters won't make you nervous when you buy your next house and other examples
Data Mining with Self-Organizing Maps: Best Practices in . . . Deboeck, G. 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 33 Describing the best processes including analysis, clustering, visualization, etc.
Data Mining, Modeling, Simulation and GA in the Chemical . . . Van Buskirk, P. 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 28 Describing applications of modeling across numerous areas
Distributed Task Coordination with Truth Maintenance Sys. . . . Epshteyn, A. et al 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 24 AI in air liner design
AI @ Work various 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 20 AI success stories from AND Corp., ATTAR Software, WizSoft Inc, and Haley
Re-Discovering What You Do . . . Cox, E. 13.5 Sept/Oct '99 16 Exploring ways to make your models more responsive to change in demographics and the economy

Secret Agent Man Barker, D. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 52 Surrounded and outnumbered - as things start to think
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 48 Feature Extraction,Construction and Selection; Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 41 Agents in space - reporting via the Web
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 31 On-line trading: The new national pastime
Striving for Imprecision . . . Cox, E. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 38 Fuzzy Knowledge Bases, combining the semantics of info with imprecision of real world problems
What Does Your Company Really Do? . . . Cox, E. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 37 Machine learning technologies provide the core understanding of how a business process works
Fuzzy Logic in Knowledge Engineering . . . Fonseca, D. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 33 Using fuzzy logic to overcome difficulties encountered during the knowledge acquisition process
IVAN: An Expert System for Pain Control . . . Thompson, J. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 28 A case-based knowledge system that can improve the quality of life by helping to control pain
AI @ Work various 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 24 AI success stories from SHAI, Megaputer Intelligence, and ObjectSpace
Successful Knowledge Management Systems: An ES Approach Krovvidy, S. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 20 The successful medium-to-large size knowledge management project based on past experience
Managed Business Rules: A Repository Based Approach Seiler, H. 13.4 Jul/Aug '99 16 Exploring rules as a concept, practice, methodology, and as a requirements technique

Secret Agent Man Barker, D. 13.3 May/Jun '99 52 Through the Looking Glass and Back Out Again - Robotics and Telepresence
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 13.3 May/Jun '99 48 Artificial Immune Systems and Neural Networks: Tricks of the Trade
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 13.3 May/Jun '99 41 Future ideas - Intelligent filtering of sports, teaching on the Web, representing knowledge in XML
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 13.3 May/Jun '99 31 Everybody's talking about speech recognition
Analyzing Neural Networks Performance . . . O'Rourke, B. 13.3 May/Jun '99 37 Exploring techniques for improving performance using a financial price predication hybrid model
Neural Networks Assist in Job Performance . . . Williams, W. et al 13.3 May/Jun '99 33 Illustrating the effective use of NN and GA pre-evaluation of prospective employees
Aircraft Icing Forecasts from Neural Networks McCann, D. 13.3 May/Jun '99 27 Using neural networks to predict the potential for dangerous conditions
AI @ Work various 13.3 May/Jun '99 24 AI success stories from AND Corp. and MIT GmbH
Text Mining: Making the Most of Unstructured Data Dwinnell, W. 13.3 May/Jun '99 20 Explaining dtSearch, a tool that indexes, searches, and retrieves data from free form text sources
The New Face of Fuzzy Logic . . . Cox, E. 13.3 May/Jun '99 16 Demonstrating the value of fuzzy logic as a business tool with contemporary examples

Secret Agent Man Barker, D. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 52 It's almost 2001 - where's Hal?
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 48 Genetic Programming - An Introduction; OLAP Solutions: Building Multidimensional Info. Sys.
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 41 Weather on the Web
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 31 Patent dispute stirs up the neural net field
Agile Business Rule Processing Haley, P. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 35 Explaining an efficient approach to invent business processes that reflect business rules
CLOS - A Perspective Barber, R. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 33 The benefits of OOP with LISP - including implementations of web authoring and risk analysis
The OSHA Hazard Awareness Advisor Stern, E. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 27 The development of Web-based and distributed informational ES to help businesses comply
AI @ Work various 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 24 AI success stories from BioComp Systems and Harlequin Inc
Using Microsoft VB and DCOM for AI Applications Ono, K. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 20 Explaining the use of object oriented techniques to provide data mining solutions
COM and OLE in Data Mining . . . Slynko, Y. 13.2 Mar/Apr '99 16 Exploring a new tool that may help solidify data mining's place in the corporate world

AI and the Net Kroening, M. 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 41 Is there a doctor in the Web?
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 32 Godspeed Deep Space 1
Secret Agent Man Barker, D. 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 21 Mata Hari uncovers hidden information
The Book Zone Dwinnell, W. 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 19 Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis; Lazy Learning; Intro. To Implicit Surfaces
Symbolic Knowledge Acquisition Technology . . . Kiseleve, M. et al 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 48 Exploring a new tool that may help solidify data mining's place in the corporate world
AI @ Work various 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 37 AI success stories from ANGOSS Software Corp, Harlequin Inc, and Salford Systems
Knowledge Base Management Systems . . . Hicks, R. 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 34 Describing a tool that helps build, verify, and code expert systems
Public Domain vs. Commercial Tools . . . Deboeck, G. 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 27 Examining the available software for Self-Organizing Maps, a class of neural networks
Cutting the Guillotine Down to Size McHale, M. et al 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 24 Discussing the Prolog-based program developed to solve the guillotine problem
Domain Specific Languages - Tools for Better Programming Morrow, P. et al 13.1 Jan/Feb '99 14 The benefits of domain-specific languages and how to create them


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