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Article Index Volume 12- 1998
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Article Index - Volume 12

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Principal Components and Neural Networks . . . O'Rourke, B. 12.6 Nov/Dec '98 16 Using the principal components to develop a better neural network model
Strategies for Intelligent System Development Sherry, L. 12.6 Nov/Dec '98 24 Describing a statistical model that measures the performance of a development team
Automatic Data Analysis Tools Dwinnell, W. 12.6 Nov/Dec '98 28 Review of tools that help business users automate the data analysis process
The Internet, ActiveX, and Business Solutions Buskirk, J. et al 12.6 Nov/Dec '98 34 Examining how ActiveX makes access to corporate knowledge easier using an engineering scenario
AI@Work various 12.6 Nov/Dec '98 38 AI application success stories from IBM, KTI, Decisioneering, AcknoSoft, and Nuance
Secret Agent Man Barker, D. 12.6 Nov/Dec '98 21 Take Aim with BullsEye - A Complete Solution to Information Overload
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 12.6 Nov/Dec '98 32 Making the World a Smarter Place
AI and the Net Kroening, M. 12.6 Nov/Dec '98 49 Help! I Need an Answer Now!

AI and the Net Kroening, M. 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 49 Semantic nets on the Net and the coming of X
Intelligence Files Blanchard, D. 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 32 Hot fun in the Summertime
Secret Agent Man Barker, D. 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 21 Build your own chatterbot with NeuroStudio
AI @ Work various 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 38 AI application success stories from Salford Systems, Palisade Corporation, and IBM
Book Review Dwinnell, W. 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 34 Solving Data Mining Problems Through Pattern Recognition, Predictive Data Mining, DMSK
Knowledge Management & Microsoft's Active Platform: Part 2 Seiler, H. 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 27 Outlines the construction of Internet-integrated client/server application
Data Mining: Issuing Predictions . . . Meidan, A. 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 24 Introduction to data mining and its capabilities
Finding Robust & Usable Models with Data Mining . . . Dhar, V. et al 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 17 How to use data to build effective models using credit analysis and securities trading
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining . . . Pyle, D. 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 14 Methodology to derive the most benefit from knowledge discovery and data mining Pyle, D. 12.5 Sept/Oct '98 14 Methodology to derive the most benefit from knowledge discovery and data mining

AI & The Net: Harvesting Knowledge From the Internet Merritt, D. 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 49 New ways to perform searches on the Internet
Intelligence Files: And the Beat Goes On Blanchard, D. 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 32 AI company news
Secret Agent Man: Chatterbot Conspiracy Barker, D. 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 21 The world of chatterbots - highlighting the Forbin Project
AI @ Work various 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 39 AI application success stories
Expert System for Sewage Treatment Works Support Dixon, M., et al 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 35 The development of a rule-based solution
Dependency Tracking in Dynamic Knowledge Engineering Veitch, J. 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 28 Moving beyond the limitations of ES to "spreadsheet-like" models
Expert System vs. Procedural Language Development Kronfeld, K. et al 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 24 Comparing the performances of ES and procedural languages
Modeling Methodology 5: Mathematical Programming Lang. Dwinnell, W. 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 18 Math-oriented 4th generation languages as modeling tools
Knowledge Management & Microsoft's Active Platform: Part 1 Seiler, H. 12.4 Jul/Aug '98 14 Integrating client/server technology and the Internet

The Intelligence Files: Smile for the Computer Blanchard, D. 12.3 May/Jun '98 32 The emergence of biometrics, a sophisticated identification technology
Secret Agent Man: Excite Yourself By Shopping with Jango Barker, D. 12.3 May/Jun '98 21 Jango, the technology behind the Excite search engine
Intelligent Process Control in Aviation Sherry, L. 12.3 May/Jun '98 48 AI's use in commercial airlines
AI @ Work various 12.3 May/Jun '98 39 How fuzzy logic and NNs are used to solve real world problems
Neural Networks in the Process Industry Angstenberger, J. et al 12.3 May/Jun '98 35 NNs in the manufacturing industry
Neural Networks for Monitoring, Control, Optimization Van Buskirk, P. 12.3 May/Jun '98 28 Model applications that improve profitablility, quality, safety, environmental controls
Modeling Methodology 4: Localizing Global Models Dwinnell, W. 12.3 May/Jun '98 24 A method for localizing a NN using fuzzy clustering
NNs in Finance: Importance of Methodology Over Technology Dhar, V. et al 12.3 May/Jun '98 16 The importance of effective methodology and how NNs help achieve it

AI & The Net: Java Based AI Tools Merritt, D. 12.2 Mar/Apr '98 49 Java-based AI tools
Intelligence Files: Computer Associates Steps Up to the Plate Blanchard, D. 12.2 Mar/Apr '98 37 A look at a Computer Associates, a large software company
Secret Agent Man: IBM Turns Over New Leaf with Ginkgo Barker, D. 12.2 Mar/Apr '98 21 Gingko, IBM's intelligent agent
Intentional Objects in Business and Manufacturing Sherry, L. 12.2 Mar/Apr '98 39 How intentional objects can yield a competitive advantage
Modeling Methodology 3: Algorithm Selection Dwinnell, W. 12.2 Mar/Apr '98 32 The different modeling algorithms and their capabilities
The Adoption of OT Harmon, P. 12.2 Mar/Apr '98 28 OT in companies from Paul Harmon's study, "The Corporate Use of OT"
Expanding WebLS to Support a Breast Cancer Decision Guide Kroening, M., et al 12.2 Mar/Apr '98 23 The use of WebLS to create a breast cancer decision guide
AI@Work various 12.2 Mar/Apr '98 16 How is AI used to solve real world problems

Vendors Forum: NeuralWorks Predict Plus in Process Control Klimasauskas, C. 12.1 Jan/Feb '98 32 An inside look at NeuralWare's NeuralWorks Predict Plus
Secret Agent Man: Microsoft's Animated Agent Technology Barker, D. 12.1 Jan/Feb '98 49 A look at Microsoft's animated agent technology
Intelligence Files: Corporate World Taking AI More Seriously Blanchard, D. 12.1 Jan/Feb '98 37 Microsoft's use of various intelligent technologies
AI & The Net: Expert Systems on the Net Merritt, D. 12.1 Jan/Feb '98 21 A look at how classic ES are being used on the Web
Review: EZ-Xpert - RAD Comes to Expert Systems Wilder, M. 12.1 Jan/Feb '98 39 AI Developer's EZ-Xpert, a program that enables novices to create rule-based ES
It's in the Mailbot Ritchie, G. 12.1 Jan/Feb '98 28 Mailbot, an intelligent agent for e-mail
Modeling Methodology 2: Model Input Selection Dwinnell, W. 12.1 Jan/Feb '98 23 Choosing the right info to input in a model
ai@work various 12.1 Jan/Feb '98 16 How is AI used to solve real world problems?


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