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Article Index Volume 5- 1991
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Article Index - Volume 5

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Review: AIT's Mercury KBE Dominiko, R. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 54 Review of a tool for intelligent re-engineering
Review: Top Ten KE Tools for the Macintosh Rasmus, D. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 50 Top Ten KE Tools for the Macintosh
Review: IF/Prolog Ryu, Y. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 44 Review of a high performance Prolog
Bookshelf: Intelligent Systems Design Helton, T. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 56 Review: "Intelligent Systems Design: Integrating ES, Hypermedia, and Database Technologies"
The Manufacturing Mind: Objectify Your Bandwagon Rasmus, D. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 38 Objectify your bandwagon
Ask the Expert Shafer, D. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 16 Division of Labor, Programming Teams, and Development Tools
Applying Neural Networks: Part VI Klimasauskas, C. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 46 Practical side of neural networks, sixth in a series
Decision Quality and Decision Tools Creswell, D. et al 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 40 How software can move the decision-making process along
Synthetic Intelligence Keyes, J. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 34 Metamorph and IdeaFisher, systems that build ideas
Why Not? Roach, D. et al 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 32 Prolog-based ES can show why a goal failed
AI and the Environment: Knowledge-Based Tools Greathouse, D. et al 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 29 ES and the EPA
AI in Business and Management: An Overview Warkentin, M. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 26 Areas of the business world where AI is put to work
Thinking Tools: Part I Stevenson, A. 5.6 Nov/Dec '91 18 A tool called ithink, examining thinking styles

Review: Xi Plus Rasmus, D. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 56 Review of Inference Corp.'s Xi Plus Release 3
Review: Guru 3.0 Ruby, E.C. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 54 Review of mdbs's Guru 3.0
Bookshelf: The Craft of Prolog Berghel, H. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 64 Review: "The Craft of Prolog" by Richard O'Keefe
The Manufacturing Mind Rasmus, D. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 34 Whatever Happened to LISP?
Interview: Celia Wolf of Gold Hill, Inc. Schmuller, J. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 30 Interview with Celia Wolf, president and CEO of Gold Hill Inc.
Ask the Expert: Visual Programming Shafer, D. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 18 Visual Programming's Impact Minimal in the Near Term
OOP + Expert System + GUI Bollay, D. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 51 Building a system that designs digital circuits
Logic Programming with Tableaus Berghel, H. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 48 A new type of inference engine for logic programming languages
Expert System Shells at Work Schmuller, J. et al 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 42 Using Icarus Corporation's Mentor to build an ES
Applying Neural Networks: Part V Klimasauskas, C. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 36 Practical side of neural networks, fifth in a series
Time's Up! Toy, D. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 32 Testing 4 AI application on different machines
Biosphere II Benningfield, D. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 26 Description of Biosphere II and AI techniques being used in it
Languages of AI Schmuller, J. 5.5 Sept/Oct '91 21 Exploring the building blocks of AI applications

Bookshelf: Creating Expert Systems for Business and Industry Barker, D. 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 71 Review: "Creating Expert Systems for Business and Industry" by Harmon and Sawyer
The Manufacturing Mind Rasmus, D. 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 51 Process Planning 102
Ask the Expert: Genetic Algorithms and OOPS Shafer, D. 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 18 Hottest "New" technologies give lie to high-tech beliefs
Voice Navigator Rasmus, D. 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 56 Examining a device that allows mouse clicks or keyboard strokes to be entered by voice
Expert System Shells at Work Schmuller, J. et al 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 46 Examining AIM - takes numberical database and builds a network showing relationships
CBR-Express: Getting Down to Cases Shafer, D. 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 42 Exploring Case-based reasoning
Applying Neural Networks: Part IV Guiver, J. et al 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 34 Practical side of neural networks, fourth in a series
Expert Systems in Science Berghel, et al 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 28 Using ES in a toxicology study
Rules that Control Rules Darling, C. 5.4 Jul/Aug '91 20 Exploring meta-rules and the role they play in ES

Review: NeuralWorks Professional II Plus Version 4.0 Middlewood, M. 5.3 May/Jun '91 50 Review of NeuralWorks
Application Corner: BrainMaker Pro Version 1.5 Lawrence, J. 5.3 May/Jun '91 42 Neural Network Applications
Bookshelf Barker, D. 5.3 May/Jun '91 62 Review: "Apprentices of Wonder: Inside the NN Revolution" by Allman
Interview: Todd Gutschow Hengl, T. 5.3 May/Jun '91 46 Interview with Todd W. Gutschow, co-founder of HNC
The Manufacturing Mind Rasmus, D. 5.3 May/Jun '91 31 Process planning 101 Rasmus, D. 5.3 May/Jun '91 31 Process planning 101
Ask the Expert Shafer, D. 5.3 May/Jun '91 18 Are there times when a language is the best choice?
PenPoint Operating System Embodies Real Intelligence Shafer, D. 5.3 May/Jun '91 58 Features in the GO operating system
Mission Possible-Applications Sherald, M. 5.3 May/Jun '91 56 Build an application to profile fob applicants for security risk
The BLOBs are Coming! Jones, K. 5.3 May/Jun '91 45 Binary Large Objects can simplify knowledgebase management
Prolog on Prolog Berghel, H. et al 5.3 May/Jun '91 38 Prolog program which partially automates Prolog documentation
Expert System Shells At Work Schmuller, J. et al 5.3 May/Jun '91 26 Build an ES in Nexpert Object
Applying Neural Networks: Part III Klimasauskas, C. 5.3 May/Jun '91 20 Practical side of neural networks, third in a series

Review: Togai Infralogic Immarco, P. et al 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 52 Review of two products from Togai Infralogic
Review: BrainMaker Professional v.2.0 Middlewood, M. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 50 Review of Brainmaker Professional v.2.0
Vendors Forum: NTERGAID Johnson, J.S. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 46 Hyperwriter and hypermedia technology in general
Review: Prograph, v.2.0 Talburt, J. et al 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 24 Review of Prograph, v.2.0 Talburt, J. et al 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 24 Review of Prograph, v.2.0
Bookshelf: The Writing Space Barker, D. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 62 Review: "The Writing Space-The Computer, Hypertext, and the History of Writing" by Balter
The Manufacturing Mind: Generating Diagnostic Apps. Rasmus, D. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 35 Generating Diagnostic Applications
Ask the Expert: Ten Suggestions for K.A. Shafer, D. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 18 Ten suggestions for KA
Hypercard as a Tool in Hypertext Applications Bob Gregg 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 55 History of hypercard and features of Hypercard 2.0
Intelligence and the Future of Computer Media Newquist, H. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 45 Futuristic look at hypertext and hypermedia
The Message is the Hypermedia Rasmus, D. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 38 Hypermedia products vs. hypertext products
Applying Neural Networks: Part II Klimasauskas, C. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 27 Practical side of neural networks, second in a series
Prolog Redux staff 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 23 Latest release - PDC Prolog
My Search for the Hyper in Hypertext Shafer, D. 5.2 Mar/Apr '91 20 Hypertext in conjunction with expert systems to develop IA

Bookshelf: How to Build a Person Barker, D. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 50 Review: "How to Build a Person" by John L. Pollock
Interview: Steve Weyer of Apple Computer Hengl, T. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 46 Interview with Steve Weyer, manager of IA at Apple Computers
The Manufacturing Mind Rasmus, D. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 28 Embedded AI on the manufacturing floor
Ask the Expert Shafer, D. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 18 Integration with other applications not quite ready
AI International: European Involvement Penrose, D. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 16 AI products and activities in Milan, Italy
Fuzzy Associative Memories-The Art of Fuzziness Immarco, P. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 52 Introduction to fuzzy associative memory systems
Expert System Shells at Work Schmuller, J. et al 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 40  
Knowledge Acquisition PC Style Rasmus, D. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 34 Tools for transfer of knowledge from expert to ES
Applying Neural Networks: Part 1 Klimasauskas, C. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 30 Practical side of neural networks, first in a series
The Intelligent Application of AI Tools Nolan, T. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 24 Using AI tools to simplify classical programming
Intelligent Applications Shafer, D. 5.1 Jan/Feb '91 20 What constitutes an intelligent application?


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