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Article Index Volume 6- 1992
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Article Index - Volume 6

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Review: Palmtop Computing Rasmus, D. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 40 Review of two palmtop computers, the Wizard and Hewlett-Packard's HP 95LX
Bookshelf: Envisioning Information Stevenson, A. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 53 Review: "Envisioning Information" by Edward R. Tufte
Inside Intelligence: The Painful Reality of Virtualness Keyes, J. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 32 Virtual reality and multimedia in everyday life
Overview: Multimedia Barker, D. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 8 Overview of Multimedia
A Window on UNIX II Metzner, W. et al 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 44 Conclusion of the series on GUI and the development of X Window application in Prolog
Two Working Neural Nets Lawrence, J. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 42 NN embedded into Optical Character Recognition systems
SPECSystem Dean, R.P. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 36 A specification-writing ES on CD-ROM
Intermedia for Executives Karr, R. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 34 Building on multimedia to provide communication among corporate managers
KARTT Liebowitz, J. et al 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 28 KARTT, a multimedia tool Liebowitz, J. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 28 KARTT, a multimedia tool
Automating a Help Desk Kulik, P. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 26 Development of Help Desk and the use of multimedia to expand its scope
AI and the Environment Stone, N. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 21 CROPS, a planning system that helps farmers comply with environmental regulations
A Primer on Multimedia Becker, G. 6.6 Nov/Dec '92 17 Concepts and information for multimedia authors

Review: A Scheme for Change Schmuller, J. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 57 Review of EdScheme, for learning the LISP language
Vendor's Forum: RuleTalk Mueller, L. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 31 The development of RuleTalk, a high-level language
Review: Help! Rasmus, D. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 18 Review of Help!, an ES that analyzes Macs
Bookshelf: The Age of Intelligent Machines Berghel, H. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 35 Review: "The Age of Intelligent Machines" by Raymond Kurzweil
Insights and Answers: So Long & Thanks for All the Thought Shafer, D. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 30 Dan Shafer's farewell article
Inside Intelligence: What's the Beef? Keyes, J. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 16 Separating real AI from fake AI
Overview: Languages Schmuller, J. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 7 Overview of AI programming languages
An Earful of Smalltalk Williams, J. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 48 Fundamentals and development environment of Smalltalk, an OO language
Prolog Under the Hood Merritt, D. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 44 The inner workings of Prolog and ways to increase its appeal
LISP and Statistics Schmuller, J. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 40 Examining LISP-STAT used to turn LISP into a tool for statisticians
A Window on UNIX I Metzner, W. et al 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 36 The world of graphical user interfaces, especially the X-Window System
Knowledge Programming Meets Linear Programming I Ignizio, J. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 25 Using the EXSYS ES shell to build an intelligent user interface
A Wealth of Languages Keyes, J. 6.5 Sept/Oct '92 20 Applications written in LISP, Prolog, Smalltalk

Review: NeuroShell Immarco, P. 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 51 Review of Ward System's Power Toolset NeuralShell
Review: Level5 Object Barker, D. 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 44 An overview of LEVEL5 Object and a look at enhancements in release 2.5
Interview: Dustin Huntington Schmuller, J. 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 54 Interview with Dustin Huntington, Founder and President of EXSYS Inc.
Inside Intelligence: A Side Door to Productivity Keyes, J. 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 48 AI vendors have missed a great opportunity
Overview: Expert Systems Schmuller, J. 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 9 Overview of ES
AI in Business and Management Warkentin, M. et al 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 56 ES that help corporations manage human resources
Expert System Software Tway, L. et al 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 52 Features to look for in a development tool
Collective Learning Systems I Bock, P. et al 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 26 Inductive approach to machine learning, first in a three-part series
A Knowledge-Based Intelligent Tutoring System Schaefer, et al 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 20 A development environment for building ES-based training tools
AI and the Environment Ketterer, N. et al 6.4 Jul/Aug '92 19 An ES that helps the EPA estimate hazardous waste cleanup costs

Review: RuleTalk Tello, E. 6.3 May/Jun '92 52 Review of RuleTalk, a rule-based OOP windows development
Vendor's Forum: NeuroWindows Ward, S. 6.3 May/Jun '92 47 NeuroWindows opens a window on NN
Vendor's Forum: DynaMind Developer Howard, V. 6.3 May/Jun '92 35 DynaMind Developer, a tool for developing embedded NN
Review: Alacron's i860 Board Immarco, P. 6.3 May/Jun '92 28 Review of Alacron's i860 Board, an accelerator for NeuralWorks
Bookshelf: A Practical Guide to Neural Nets Schmuller, J. 6.3 May/Jun '92 56 Review: "A Practical Guide to Neural Nets" by Nelson and Illingworth
Inside Intelligence: You've Got to Have Friends Keyes, J. 6.3 May/Jun '92 44 The need to collaborate
The Manufacturing Mind: Thinking About Neural Networks Rasmus, D. 6.3 May/Jun '92 22 NN application in manufacturing
Overview: Neural Networks Schmuller, J. 6.3 May/Jun '92 8 Overview of NN
AI and Agriculture Benningfield, D. 6.3 May/Jun '92 41 Smart software that helps farmers
A Neural Net/ES Hybrid Ace, J. 6.3 May/Jun '92 38 A system that detects trouble in an important manufacturing process
AI in Business and Management Warkentin, M. et al 6.3 May/Jun '92 31 ES in finance
Neural Network Design: An Object Oriented Approach Williams, J. 6.3 May/Jun '92 23 How OO techniques yield a flexible NN design
Neural Nets: A Successful AI Technology Keyes, J. 6.3 May/Jun '92 18 NN tools and their application in business and medicine

Review: Apple's New Computers Rasmus, D. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 42 Review of Apples's PowerBook and Classic II
Review: HyperLogic's CubiCalc 1.1 RTC Brubaker, D. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 35 Review of HyperLogic's CubiCalc 1.1 RTC
Review: Borland's ObjectVision 2.0 Varghese, S. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 21 Review of Borland's ObjectVision 2.0
Conference Report: First World Congress on Expert Systems staff 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 55 Information on the first world congress of ES
Bookshelf: The Tao of Objects Helton, T. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 56 Review: "The Tao of Objects" by Gary Entsminger
Interview: Michael Stock Schmuller, J. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 38 Interview with Michael Stock, President and CEO of Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Inc.
The Manufacturing Mind: The Object of Design Rasmus, D. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 24 How OOP can add intelligence ot CAD and increase its power
Insights and Answers: Prograph 2.5 Shafer, D. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 16 Visual Programming Revisited: Prograph is Pretty and Hot
AI Products Under $200 Toy, D. et al 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 48 Packages for the budget-conscious
C++ and Application Frameworks Lane, A. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 47 How class libraries speed up software development
An Object Lesson for SUNY Keyes, J. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 44 An OO database management system that handles administrative functions
AI in Business and Management Warkentin, M. et al 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 31 ES and robots that help manage production and operations in manufacturing
Adding Intelligence Patel, M. et al 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 28 Putting decision processes modeled in Prolog into a C-based system
A Plus for C++ Keyes, J. 6.2 Mar/Apr '92 18 Discussion of a widely used OOP language

Review: Macintosh's System 7.0 Rasmus, D. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 40 Review of Macintosh's System 7.0
Vendor's Forum: John Hare, Sapiens Software Hare, J. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 30 Star Sapphire: The Making of a Common LISP
Bookshelf: Intelligent User Interfaces Helton, T. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 55 Review: "Intelligent User Interfaces" by Sullivan & Tyler
Conference Report: Neuro-Nimes 91 Klimasauskas, R.J. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 46 Highlights of the NN Conference in Nimes, France
Interview: Michael Alexander of Prolog Development Center Schmuller, J. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 24 Interview with Michael Alexander, President and Co-Founder of Prolog Development Center
Insights and Answers Shafer, D. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 16 LISP vs. Prolog
AI in Athletics Sands, W. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 52 An ES built for monitoring training/condition of world-class gymnasts
Auditing Expert Systems Keyes, J. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 48 Guidelines for charting development/performance of ES
AI and the Environment Civco, D. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 43 NN used to analyze satellite transmitted images of Earth's surface
Thinking Tools: Part II Stevenson, A. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 35 Conclusion of ithink discussion; a look at High Performance System's STELLA
AI in Business and Management Sisodia, R. et al 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 32 Expert systems that help corporations market products
Blackboard Systems Lander, S. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 27 Examining systems that can coordinate intelligent components
Virtual Reality Johnson, R.C. 6.1 Jan/Feb '92 18 Exploring tomorrow's intelligent user interfaces


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