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Article Index Volume 7- 1993
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Article Index - Volume 7

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Review: NeuralWorks Professional II+ Immarco, P. 7.6 Nov/Dec '93 40 Review of NeuralWorks Professional II+, a NN development environment by NeuralWare
Review: M.4 Schmuller, J. 7.6 Nov/Dec '93 31 Review of M.4, an ES shell by Teknowledge
Bookshelf: Artificial Life Playhouse Darling, C. 7.6 Nov/Dec '93 48 Review: "Artificial Life Playhouse: Evolution at Your Fingertips" by Stephen Prata
Inside Intelligence: A Little Pizzazz Keyes, J. 7.6 Nov/Dec '93 43 Comparing knowledge based systems to novels
AI in Business and Management Warkentin, J. 7.6 Nov/Dec '93 36 Description of knowledge-based and case-based customer service applications
Money Listens: Speech Recognition in the Financial Industry Markowitz, J. 7.6 Nov/Dec '93 28 Report on new applications of a leading edge technology
The GPO Management System Taylor, P. 7.6 Nov/Dec '93 24 An ES that helps employees take on new management responsibilities
Data Mining: Intelligent Technology Gets Down to Business Lewinson, L. 7.6 Nov/Dec '93 16 Examining software packages that find patterns hidden in data

Vendor's Forum: Transducer/PC Trenouth, J. 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 42 Transducer/PC, a system that can develop a Common LISP application on a UNIX platform
Review: VP-Expert Schmuller, J. et al 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 33 Review of the VP-Expert 3.0, and ES shell
Bookshelf: "Object-Oriented Information Systems Stevenson, A. 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 52 Review: "OO Information Systems: Planning and Implementation" by David A. Taylor
Managing Expert Systems: Improving Tech Management Liebowitz, J. 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 48 How to increase skill and sophistication in the management of ES
Inside Intelligence: Ruminations Keyes, J. 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 24 AI in entertainment
Neural Nets and Stocks Kean, J. 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 45 NN development for financial market prediction
The Common LISP Interface Manager Richardson, C., et al 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 38 A de facto standard for building LISP applications that port across GUI toolkits
Real-World Machine Translation Loewen, V. 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 29 How Prolog is the basis for commercial solutions to a long standing problem
LISP-Based Scheduling Warner, M. 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 25 Ashland Petroleum's system for planning/monitoring the movement of crude oil
Exploring Prolog Merritt, D. 7.5 Sept/Oct '93 18 The fine points of Prolog through an adventure game and three other programs

Review: NeuroShell 2 Immarco, P. 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 34 Review of NeuroShell 2, a Windows-based NN product
Review: Flex Ruggles, B. 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 26 review of Flex, a Prolog-based ES programming toolkit from Logic Programming Assoc
Bookshelf: Infotrends Stevenson, A. 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 53 Review: "Infotrends" by Jessica Keyes
Interview: Herb Blecker Schmuller, J. 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 42 Interview with Herb Blecker, founder and President of ICARUS Corporation
Inside Intelligence: Having it All Keyes, J. 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 14 Adding comedy and drama to the world of AI
Objects in the Shell Game Schmuller, J. 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 37 Series about OO knowledge representation in ES shells
Putting Expert Systems to the Test Touchton, R. et al 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 29 Procedures for verifying and validating ES
Intelligent Information Engineering Rasmus, D. 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 24 Linking cutting edge technology with traditional procedures for systems design
Widening the Bottleneck Markowitz, J. 7.4 Jul/Aug '93 18 Applying ethnographic techniques to the knowledge acquisition process

Review: ModelWare Wheeler, C. 7.3 May/Jun '93 40 Review of ModelWare, a modeling tool from Teranet IA
Inside Intelligence: AI in the Age of Multimedia Keyes, J. 7.3 May/Jun '93 39 AI in the age of multimedia
Managing Expert Systems: Helpful Heuristics Liebowitz, J. 7.3 May/Jun '93 16 How heuristics can help manage ES
Overview: Object Orientation Schmuller, J. 7.3 May/Jun '93 9 Overview of object orientation
Interpreting Neural Network Output Garavaglia, S. 7.3 May/Jun '93 52 What steps should you take when a NN doesn't converge?
A CASE for Prolog Spenser, C. et al 7.3 May/Jun '93 42 Description of the Prolog-based development of ADW, a CASE tool
Objects in a GUI Gunter, D. 7.3 May/Jun '93 33 Using OO features of IntelliCorp's Kappa PC to build an intelligent interface
LogicBase Ruggles, B. 7.3 May/Jun '93 30 How Shell OIl used PDC Prolog to build a database development environment
Object Oratory Williams, J. 7.3 May/Jun '93 22 Comparison of C++ and Smalltalk by building a Windows application in each language
Objects in the Air De Salvo, D. 7.3 May/Jun '93 18 The Evolution, process, and benefits of OO engineering

Vendor's Forum: The Evolution of N-TRAIN Katz, J.O. et al 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 44 N-TRAIN, a NN development tool designed for 32-bit compilers
Review: Fair Witness Rasmus, D. 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 32 Review of Fair Witness, a Mac-based tool for knowledge engineers
Interview: Abraham Kandel staff 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 40 Interview with Abraham Kandel, an expert in fuzzy logic
Bookshelf: In Our Own Image Stevenson, A. 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 30 Review: "In Our Own Image" by Maureen Caudill
Inside Intelligence: Hot Applications for 1993 Keyes, J. 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 18 Five hottest applications for 1993
Managing Expert Systems: Legal Issues Zeide, J. et al 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 16 Legal issues of managing an ES
Severance Mentor Montgomery, L. 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 48 An ES used to assist Human Resource Managers
AI in Business and Management Warkentin, M. et al 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 35 ES that help corporations with information resource management
Assessing a Neural Net Burke, L. 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 20 What to look for when you evaluate a neural application
Three Faces of Fuzziness Schmuller, J. 7.2 Mar/Apr '93 14 Theory, Practice, and application of fuzzy logic

Review: Three Translation Assistants Rolandi, W. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 52 Three PC-based packages that expedite the translation process
Review: NeuroWindows Immarco, P. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 34 A review of NeuroWindows, the new look for NNs
Vendor's Forum: DataLogic/R Szladow, A. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 25 DataLogic/R, a tool which examines databases and derives if-then rules about the data
Vendor's Forum: ModelWare Tucker, K. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 14 Technology behind ModelWare and some new capabilities
Managing Expert Systems: Creating Awareness Liebowitz, J. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 54 Management of ES
Bookshelf: Aftificial Life: The Quest for a New Creation Darling, C. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 50 Review: "Artificial Life: The Quest for a New Creation" by Steven Levy
Inside Intelligence: The Outlook for AI Keyes, J. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 16 The outlook for AI
Knowledge Programming Meets Linear Programming II Ignizio, J. et al 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 45 Conclusion of a series combining the EXSYS Shell with the LINDO modeling tool
Collective Learning Systems II Bock, P. et al 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 42 Inductive approach to machine learning, second in a three-part series
Teaching a Course in Applied Expert Systems Liebowitz, J. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 32 Maintaining student interest
Inspector Fryer, B. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 26 Chemical Bank's knowledge-based tool that can examine high volume trading
TECKCHEK Bookman, H. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 22 Discussion of an ES-based proficiency test that assists in the hiring process
A Methodology for Building Knowledge-Based Systems Pepper, J. 7.1 Jan/Feb '93 18 Procedure for system development and deployment


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