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Article Index Volume 8- 1994
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Article Index - Volume 8

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Review: O'Inca Design Framework Rapaport, J. 8.6 Nov/Dec '94 49 Review of O'Inca Design Framework, an OO graphical environment
Review: DataSculptor Immarco, P. 8.6 Nov/Dec '94 27 Review of DataSculptor, which prepares data for programs to find hidden relationships
AI and the French National Railway Suel, J. 8.6 Nov/Dec '94 40 An innovative application of constraint-based reasoning
Logic Programming and Natural Language Schmuller, J. 8.6 Nov/Dec '94 32 Continuation of series on Definite Clause Grammars
AI in Business and Management Warkentin, et al 8.6 Nov/Dec '94 23 Intelligent systems for the legal profession
Intelligent Software for Managers Lewinson, L. 8.6 Nov/Dec '94 16 Intelligent software designed to facilitate corporate management tasks
Integrating Technologies for the Modern Corporation Cesar, M. et al 8.6 Nov/Dec '94 15 How OO tools, knowledge-based systems, and CASE work in today's business

Review: STATUTE Corporate Snowden, C. 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 35 Review of STATUTE Corporate
Managing Expert Systems: Business Expert Systems Liebowitz, J. 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 49 Evaluating business schools in the US and abroad
Vendor's Forum: MEM-1 Wei, T. et al 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 32 Introduction to MEM-1, a LISP-based tool for case-based reasoning
Vendor's Forum: Cogent Prolog and C/C++ Merritt, D. 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 26 The thought process behind the API in Cogent Prolog 3.0
Prolog in the Real World Roth, A. et al 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 42 Successful commercial applications of Prolog
Cyberspace Navigation Berghel, H. 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 38 Describing resources that help guide internet travel
The Neural Net Connection Kempka, A. 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 28 A technique which can improve the performance of your NN package
LISP in the Process Industries Lewinson, L. 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 22 Report on PROSPEX, a LISP-based Windows system for scheduling and planning
Logic Programming and Natural Language Schmuller, J. 8.5 Sept/Oct '94 16 New series on Defininte Clause Grammar, for working with natural language

Review: SMART ELEMENTS Haggerty, S. 8.4 Jul/Aug '94 40 Review of SMART ELEMENTS, an ES development environment by Neuron Data
Review: Listen for Windows 1.1 Markowitz, J. 8.4 Jul/Aug '94 14 Review of Verbex Voice Systems' Listen for Windows 1.1
Vendor's Forum: Rete++ Haley, P. 8.4 Jul/Aug '94 24 The thinking behind the development of Haley Enterprise's Rete++
AI Information on Internet Hengl, T. 8.4 Jul/Aug '94 36 How and where to find AI-related topics on the internet
Representing Medical Knowledge Lewinson, L. 8.4 Jul/Aug '94 32 Report on Arden Syntax, a technique that captures and disseminates medical expertise
Evidence in Knowledge-Based Systems Phillips, D. 8.4 Jul/Aug '94 28 Explaining a mechanism that enables a knowledge-based system to evaluate evidence
FAST Advisor Creekpaum, et al 8.4 Jul/Aug '94 16 A knowledge-based system that analyzes the credit of loan applicants

Vendor's Forum: @BRAIN Staub, M. 8.3 May/Jun '94 42 The thinking behind @BRAIN, a NN development package
Inside Intelligence: Virtual Reality Keyes, J. 8.3 May/Jun '94 36 Discussion of virtual reality
Vendor's Forum: CubiCalc Packert, B. 8.3 May/Jun '94 28 An account of the history of CubiCalc, a fuzzy logic shell
Community-Based Computing Education Bemley, J. 8.3 May/Jun '94 38 Joint Education Facilities Inc., a non-profit group that teaches inner city kids computing
Networks for Speech Markowitz, J. 8.3 May/Jun '94 31 How NN technology helps automate speech recognition
Neural Nets and Money Management Lewinson, L. 8.3 May/Jun '94 26 A financial firm that uses NNs in its business
Diagnosing Autism Cohen, et al 8.3 May/Jun '94 22 A NN application for diagnosing autism Cohen, et al 8.3 May/Jun '94 22 A NN application for diagnosing autism
Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks Fraleigh, S. 8.3 May/Jun '94 16 Combining fuzzy logic and NNs to produce powerful industrial applications

Review: MicroGA Darling, C. 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 44 Review of MicroGA, a program that explores GAs
Review: Active Prolog Tutor Berghel, H. 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 42 Review of Active Prolog Tutor, one of several educational offerings from Amzi!
Review: EZ-Xpert Schmuller, J. 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 36 Review of EZ-Xpert, a shell that leads you step-by-step through the creation of an ES
Bookshelf: A Quick Trip to ObjectLand Stevenson, A. 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 56 Review: "A Quick Trip to ObjectLand: OO Programming with Smalltalk/V"
Vendor's Forum: Berard Object and Class Specifier Schultz, R. 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 48 The OO thinking behind Berard's Object and Class Specifier
Customer Support: An Opportunity for AI Webber 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 41 Outlining a strategic role for AI in the development/operations of helpdesks
The Common LISP Interface Manager Richardson, et al 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 34 The OO architecture of a tool for developing portable GUIs
Fractal Databases Lewinson, L. 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 30 An innovative technique for data management and analysis
Number Please Markowitz, J. 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 23 The technology/applications of telephone-based automatic speech recognition
Objects in the Shell Game: NEXPERT OBJECT 3.0 Schmuller, J. 8.2 Mar/Apr '94 16 Exploring OO features of Neuron Data's ES development package

Review: @BRAIN Flanders, S. 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 40 Review of @BRAIN, a NN development tool from Talon Development Corporation
Review: LEVEL5 OBJECT Oxman, S. 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 28 Review of LEVEL5 OBJECT, an OO Windows-based package by Level Five Research
Bookshelf: The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design Stevenson, A. 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 26 Review: "The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design" by Laurel and Mountford (ed.)
Neural Nets and Gymnastics Sands, et al 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 42 A NN built to analyze athletic performance
Expert Systems: An Overview of the Field Durkin, J. 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 37 Exploring the applications of ES technology
Collective Learning Systems III Becker, G. et al 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 34 Conclusion to a three part series on intelligent systems that learn about the visual world
A New Approach to kSpeech Translation Eisenberg, S. 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 30 A parallel processor-based system for translating English into Japanese
AI in Business and Management Warkentin, M. et al 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 23 Intelligent software packages for accounting and auditing
Automatic Speech Recognition Markowitz, J. 8.1 Jan/Feb '94 16 The fundamentals, facts, and fallacies of Automatic speech recognition


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