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Article Index Volume 9- 1995
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Article Index - Volume 9

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Review: XpertRule Creswick, M. 9.6 Nov/Dec '95 39 Review of XpertRule, a knowledge based systems generator
Vendor's Forum: NeuroSolutions Principe, J. 9.6 Nov/Dec '95 49 A look at NeuroSolutions, an OO NN shell
Cybernautica: Return of the Test Pattern Berghel, H. 9.6 Nov/Dec '95 35 How test patterns are making their return on the internet
Groupware: Reconnecting with Human Intelligence Rasmus, D. 9.6 Nov/Dec '95 27 Exploring the ramifications of Groupware connections
Logic Programming and Natural Language Schmuller, J. 9.6 Nov/Dec '95 23 Conclusion to series on Definite Clause Grammar
Intelligent Business Applications Rapaport, J. 9.6 Nov/Dec '95 20 First in a series exploring companies that use AI to meet corporate challenges
Virtual Reality and Real Business Blanchard, D. 9.6 Nov/Dec '95 16 How and why virtual reality has jumped from video games to the business world

Review: Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server 3.3 Sehmi, A. 9.5 Sept/Oct '95 27 Review of Amzi Prolog + Logic Server 3.3
Interview: Celia Wolf Hengl, T. 9.5 Sept/Oct '95 30 Interview with Celia Wolf, President and CEO of Gold Hill Inc.
Cybernautica: The Art and Science of Cyberspace Berghel, H. 9.5 Sept/Oct '95 22 The change in cyberspace from technology to art
Creativity and Tools Rasmus, D. 9.5 Sept/Oct '95 29 Conclusion of a series about interaction between people and computers & the creative process
Source Code Control in A Smalltalk Environment Pitts, D. 9.5 Sept/Oct '95 34 How to face the challenges that come up when you build OO applications
Speaker Verification Markowitz, J. 9.5 Sept/Oct '95 24 Exploring new frontiers in computer security using voice recognition
The OPS Languages Forgy, C. 9.5 Sept/Oct '95 16 The history and continued evolution of languages that helped to build AI

Review: LEVEL5 OBJECT Creswick, M. 9.4 Jul/Aug '95 39 LEVEL5 OBJECT 3.6, a Windows development tool from Information Builders
Cybernautica Berghel, H. 9.4 Jul/Aug '95 34 Reflections on Electronic Mail
Expert Systems Through Visualization Harriger, A. 9.4 Jul/Aug '95 26 How to use a visually oriented ES development tool to train knowledge engineers
Creativity and Tools Rasmus, D. 9.4 Jul/Aug '95 23 Examining computer simulations of creativity, second in a three-part series
A Rule Base for Tax Planning Davine, J. 9.4 Jul/Aug '95 16 How to represent tax code rules that pertain to complex ownership structures

Review: NeuralWare's Predict Rapaport, J. 9.3 May/Jun '95 40 NeuralWare's Predict, a program that makes NN technology available to everyone
Review: C/S ELEMENTS Haggerty, S. 9.3 May/Jun '95 26 C/S ELEMENTS, a multiplatform, rapid prototype development application
Cybernautica: Life in a Packet-Sized World Berghel, H. 9.3 May/Jun '95 50 The "packet" side of cyberspace
Interview: Hanoch Eiron Hengl, T. 9.3 May/Jun '95 35 Interview with Hanoch Eiron, VP and GM of Franz's LISP division
Creativity and Tools Rasmus, D. 9.3 May/Jun '95 29 First in a series examining creativity and software that helps us use creativity
Putting Helpdesks to Work Keyes, J. 9.3 May/Jun '95 27 The influence of AI on software that automates customer support
Refueling a Nuclear Reactor Chung, et al 9.3 May/Jun '95 22 An OO ES that helps a utility company deliver electricity
Objects and Logic Merritt, D. 9.3 May/Jun '95 16 How to team Prolog with C++ and exploit each language's strong-points

First Look: GeneHunter Lewinson, L. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 26 GeneHunter, GA software from Ward Systems Engineering
Cybernautica: Genesis: The Origins of Cyberspace Berghel, H. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 48 The origins of cyberspace
Interview: Lowell Hawkinson Hengl, T. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 44 Interview with Lowell Hawkinson, Chairman and CEO of Gensym Corporation
Building Large-Scale Fuzzy Systems Watkins, F. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 50 Challenges involved in implementing systems that face combinatorial explosion
Smart Front-Office Applications Williams, C. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 40 Conclusion of two-part series about client/server software
Rough Sets Rapaport, J. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 35 Exploring a technology that extracts rules from data
Fuzziness in Real Estate Dilmore, G. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 32 How fuzzy logic concepts help clarify the appraisal process
Fuzzy Reasoning Siler, W. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 22 Describing the application of fuzziness to ES inference
Lesions in Neural Networks Schmuller, J. 9.2 Mar/Apr '95 16 NN research that simulates damage to living nervous systems

Interview: Jo Marks Hengl, T. 9.1 Jan/Feb '95 39 Interview with Jo Marks, Founder and President of Harlequin
Cybernautica: Maiden Voyage Berghel, H. 9.1 Jan/Feb '95 35 Life in cyberspace and the people who reside there
Smart Front-Office Applications Williams, C. 9.1 Jan/Feb '95 33 Business software that focuses on customer's informational needs
Intelligent Agents Rasmus, D. 9.1 Jan/Feb '95 27 Software that watches users, learns work patterns, helps them do their jobs
AI and Space-Based Experiments Benningfield, D. 9.1 Jan/Feb '95 23 Report on an ES that assists astronauts with research in outer space
AI at Microsoft Lewinson, L. 9.1 Jan/Feb '95 16 Microsoft's research in automated reasoning under uncertainty, and a look at potential apps


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