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Article Index Volume 10- 1996
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Article Index - Volume 10

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Cybernautica: The First Web Presidential Campaign Berghel, H. 10.6 Nov/Dec '96 50 Reporting on the first presidential campaign on the web
Vendor's Forum: Java meets Prolog Kroening, M. 10.6 Nov/Dec '96 27 The thought process behind development of a Java class in the Amzi! Logic Server
Interview: Tom Schwartz Hengl, T. 10.6 Nov/Dec '96 24 Interview with Tom Schwartz, founder and president of The Schwartz Associates
Smart Audits at MCI Schmuller, J. 10.6 Nov/Dec '96 40 MCI uses AI to solve its auditing problems
Intelligent Legal Research Smith, J. 10.6 Nov/Dec '96 35 FlexLaw, a query system which helps lawyers find precedents
Self-Training Artificial NNs: Nets, Spreadsheets, Objects Thaler, S. 10.6 Nov/Dec '96 32 Exploring self-training artificial NNs
Automatic Data Mining Mena, J. 10.6 Nov/Dec '96 16 DM that automatically generates its own queries on data

Review: SPSS Advanced Statistics 6.1 Schmuller, J. 10.5 Sept/Oct '96 28 Review of SPSS Advanced Statistics 6.1
Cybernautica: CGI in a Nutshell Berghel, H. 10.5 Sept/Oct '96 49 Answers to questions about CGI programming techniques
Web-Based Intelligent Tech Support Kroening, M. 10.5 Sept/Oct '96 38 The Web is driving many AI applications including intelligent technical support
Mind Tools: Connecting to Groupware Rasmus, D. 10.5 Sept/Oct '96 32 Groupware applications create new ways to manage conversations
Concepts of Modeling and Simulation Diamond, B. 10.5 Sept/Oct '96 22 Explaining the concepts of modeling and simulation
Genetic Algorithms at Work: Two Case Studies LIpton, et al 10.5 Sept/Oct '96 16 Combining GAs with knowledge-based technologies

Cybernautica: Cybercensus: Surveying the Net Berghel, H. 10.4 Jul/Aug '96 49 Survey of internet use
Vendor's Forum: AgentWorks McGugan, V. 10.4 Jul/Aug '96 24 The thinking behind AgentWorks
Agents Infiltrate the Business World Blanchard, D. 10.4 Jul/Aug '96 39 Intelligence agents go to work
Neural Networks for Image Reconstruction Dwinnell, W. 10.4 Jul/Aug '96 34 Using NN to restore damaged images
Objects in Business: System Development Huchzermeier, J. 10.4 Jul/Aug '96 28 Using OO models to suport business changes
Knowledge-Based Systems Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Huntington, D. 10.4 Jul/Aug '96 22 Overview of knowledge-based systems
Intelligent Software Maintenance Burnell, L. 10.4 Jul/Aug '96 16 Using a knowledge-based technology to perform software debugging

Review: NeuroGenetic Optimizer Immarco, P. 10.3 May/Jun '96 42 Review of NeuroGenetic Optimizer, a NN development package that uses GAs
Review: NeuroSolutions Rapaport, J. et al 10.3 May/Jun '96 40 Review of NeuroSolutions, an environment that covers NN development
Vendor's Forum: MATLAB's Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Karnofsky, et al 10.3 May/Jun '96 35 The thought process behind MATLAB
Interview: Steve Ward Hengl, T. 10.3 May/Jun '96 24 Interview with Steve Ward, Founder and President of Ward Systems Group
Cybernautica Berghel, H. 10.3 May/Jun '96 50 Is a Web-presence appropriate for your business?
Genetic Algorithms Hill, R. 10.3 May/Jun '96 27 Exploring how GA can be problem solving tools for businesses
Overview: Fuzziness Klimasauskas, C. 10.3 May/Jun '96 22 Overview of fuzzy logic
Neural Nets That Create and Discover Thaler, S. 10.3 May/Jun '96 16 The modeling creativity from relaxing or destroying a NN internal structure

Cybernautica: Goodbye, OS/2 Berghel, H. 10.2 Mar/Apr '96 49 Product life cycles in cyberspace can be limited
Interview: Dan Corkill Hengl, T. 10.2 Mar/Apr '96 32 Interview with Dan Corkill, President of Blackboard Technology Group
Objects and the Environment: Site Remediation Creswick, M. 10.2 Mar/Apr '96 40 Using an OO ES to identify regulations for cleanup activities at a hazardous waste site
Intelligent Business Applications: Customer Service Rapaport, J. 10.2 Mar/Apr '96 34 Using ES to leverage expertise to increase customer service quality
Building Custom Rule Engines Merritt, D. 10.2 Mar/Apr '96 23 Custom rule engines that use domain-specific rule syntax to process rules efficiently
Objects in Business: Thinking in Objects Huchzermeier, J. 10.2 Mar/Apr '96 16 OO in business that takes huge steps towards competitive advantages

Vendor's Forum: LEVEL5 Quest Hencin, R. 10.1 Jan/Feb '96 39 The thinking behind LEVEL5 Quest
Cybernautica: A Web Monopoly? Berghel, H. 10.1 Jan/Feb '96 22 Is there a monopoly on the World Wide Web?
Automated Modeling Pittaras, A. 10.1 Jan/Feb '96 35 Automating math models to set up investment portfolios
Making the Switch Dooley, J. 10.1 Jan/Feb '96 32 Using ES to monitor a telephone switch, a device for routing phone calls
Knowledge-Based Product Configuration Carson, C. 10.1 Jan/Feb '96 30 Using Knowledge-based applications to facilitate the process of product configuration
Smart Safety Plans Goodner, J. et al 10.1 Jan/Feb '96 24 Using ES to generate health and safety plans for the environment
Intelligent Data Entry Tway, L. et al 10.1 Jan/Feb '96 16 Examining COREXPERT, a knowledge-based multimedia system


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