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Volume 8, Issue 3
May/Jun 1994
Theme: Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

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Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks - Practical Tools for Process Management -- Steven Fraleigh's Feature Article explains how these two technologies combine to produce powerful industrial applications.
Diagnosing Autism - A Neural Net-Based Tool -- Ira Cohen, Vicki Sudhalter, Donna Landon-Jiminez, and Maryellen Keogh discuss a neural net application that solves a challenging problem.
Networks for Speech - Neural Nets and ASR -- Judith Markowitz shows how neural net technology helps automate speech recognition.
Neural Nets and Money Management - LBS Capital Breaks New Ground -- Lisa Lewinson reports on up-to-the-minute developments at a financial firm that uses neural nets as an integral part of its business.
Community-Based Computing Education -- Jesse L. Bemley discusses Joint Education Facilities Inc., a non- profit corporation that teaches computing to inner-city youngsters.

Vendor's Forum - Fuzzy Decisions - Designing CubiCalc The history of CubiCalc - the first comercially available fuzzy logic shell.
Vendor's Forum - @BRAIN - Design Decisions Mike Staub describes the thinking behind @BRAIN, a neural net development package from Talon.
Inside Intelligence - Virtual Reality or Game Reality?

Discussion of the Virtual Reality Expo '93 Conference

Product Updates ----------------------------> 24 late breaking product announcements from around the world in the fields of:
  AI Tools Character Recognition Engine
  Expert Systems Development Fuzzy Logic
  Hardware Helpdesk Automation
  Hypermedia Languages
  Neural Networks Object Oriented Development
  Virtual Reality Voice Processing
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Fuzzy Logic, Neural Nets, and More

As is our custom at this time of year, we turn our attention to Fuzzy Logic and to Neural Networks. The application of these two technologies to real-world problems seems to have increased by leaps and bounds since our last issue on these topics.

Both technologies were originally inspired by human processes. Fuzzy logic, now an integral component of appliances from electric razors to washing machines, stems from the human tendency to approximate. Neural networks, which recognize patterns in data (and have accordingly been applied by money managers, stock market analysts, and medical diagnosticians) are intended to reflect the architecture and functioning of the nervous system.


We've gathered a number of articles that show the uses of these technologies. Squarely within our dual focus, Steven Fraleigh's Feature Article describes how to combine Neural Nets and Fuzzy Logic to meet challenges in industrial process management. Judith Markowitz ("Networks for Speech") discusses the applicability of neural networks to automatic speech recognition. Lisa Lewinson ("Neural Nets and Money Management") reports on the most recent neural net-related developments at LBS, a financial management firm that has used neural networks for several years. Ira Cohen, Vicki Sudhalter, Donna Landon-Jiminez, and Maryellen Keogh ("Diagnosing Autism") tell us about a fascinating neural net application with important ramifications.


To round out the articles within our focus, we bring you two Vendor's Forums. One recounts the development of CubiCalc, the Fuzzy Logic-based expert system shell from HyperLogic. The other details design decisions behind @BRAIN, the neural net shell from Talon.


During the three years that I've been privileged to sit in the Editor's chair, the articles that have passed through my hands and appeared in these pages have been a continuing source of pride and enjoyment for me. None of those articles has engendered these feelings more deeply than Jesse Bemley's "Community-Based Computing Education." In this article, Bemley reports on the work of JEF (Joint Educational Facilities, Inc.) a non-profit corporation that works with disadvantages inner-city minority students. JEF educates these students in AI, in mathematics, and in all phases of computing, and prepares them for careers in science and technology. In so doing, JEF effects positive change in the lives of our young people who need it most. I urge you to read it


Joseph Schmuller

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