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  Site Name Description
AI and Automobile Sites-> AI at University of Michigan Many projects including multi-vehicle navigation (Intermittent).



  Site Name Description
Automobile Manufacturing-> Audi Audi of America Home Page. 
  BMW Rolls-Royce BMW Rolls-Royce Aeroengines. 
  Cadillac Product Info Technology, NorthStar System, 1996 Carlines. 
  Chevrolet On-line New England dealers, leasing, financing, and warranty information. 
  Chrysler Chrysler Home Page describes the entire lineup. 
  Dodge Lineup and product information. 
  Ford Motor Company Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln Showroom plus financial info. 
  Harley-Davidson Stamford Connecticut - Sales, Service, Events, and Clothing. 
  Jeep Unpaved Graphics, dealer sites, and more information. 
  Mazda Corporate site. 
  Mercedes-Benz Passenger cars graphics and technology. 
  Nissan Motors Nissan Motors Website - Nissan Pathfinder. 
  Porsche Site Porschephiles, On-line services, image archives, racing, and info. 
  Saturn Site The complete Saturn Line, Retailers, and FAQs. 
  Toyota - Antenna Auto news effecting Toyota, information, motorsports, and more. 
  Volkswagen of America Research center, visitor center, dealer showroom, and more. 
  Volvo The new models, brochure, dealers, options, whats new, and more.



  Site Name Description
Gasoline and Service Station Sites -> Chevron Oil Operations, news, financials, and exploration, search engine. 
  Mobil Oil Credit card application, products, services, and information. 
  Shell Oil Info Highway Additives, chemicals, detergents, plastics, resins, solvents, and more. 
  Texaco Online Products, services, and company information.



  Site Name Description
Other Automobile Related Sites -> Acceleration Online Links to automotive, manufacturers, dealers, vendors, and service on the Net. 
  American Automotible Association Local clubs and association sites for the U.S. and Canada. 
  Automotive Sites Numerous automotive and service sites. 
  Dunlop Tire Corporation Tire library, fitment guide, dealer locator, tire buyer's guide, and more. 
  Edmunds Magazines An education on Tire Literacy. 
  Goodyear Tire School Tire Literacy - traction, tread, temperature, speed ratings, alignment, balance, rotation, camber, toe-in/out, over inflation, under inflation, and more. 
  Valvoline, Pyroil, and Zerex Complete line of car products. 
  Yahoo Automotive List Accessories, custom, audio, brakes, classifieds, oil, tires, license plates, and more.


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