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  Site Name Description
Award Winning Sites-> Best of the Web Awards 1994 general awards, application awards, and technical awards.
  Cool Site of the Day Glenn Davis of InfiNet updates this daily.
  Dynamite Site of the Nite Daily updated links to the top Web sites.
  DBLS'S Hot Stuff Some sites they find fun and useful.
  Kook of the Month Award Sites from the eccentrics, iconoclasts, and lunatics.
  Malcolm Baldrige Award Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
  More Cool Stuff Optimum Group's top choices including other award sites.
  PC Top 100 Sites PC Magazine's guided tour of hot sites including good descriptions.
  Phrosty's Cool Sites Commodore 64, slirp, tricon, WebCrawler, and other links.
  Point - The Best of The Web Taken from 1,000's reviewed every week.
  Spider's Past Picks More interesting sites from around the Internet - monthly bests.
  Spider's Pick of the Day Daily update of Spider's picks.
  Ten Training Resources Key sites for Internet training by ITCS.
  Tenagra's Top 5 for 1994 Recognizes companies that achieved significant marketing.
  Top 5% of the Web The Internet Services list indexed by subject.
  Top 10 Enhanced HTML Examples of HTML 3.0 pages.
  Wave of the Day Every weekday, a fresh wave to surf, plus memories of past waves.
  Web Site of the Week Features new sites on web building - weekly.
  WinMag & NetGuide HotSpot New web hotspot every day.
  World Wide Web Hall of Fame Recognizes those people who had the greatest influence on the system.



  Site Name Description
Sites that List Award Winning Sites -> Best of the Net Links to a number of award giving sites.
  Cool Places on the Web Bob's Web Cool Spots - no descriptions but lots of links.
  GNN's Best of the Net Awards Best of the net winners and nominees by subject.
  Lycos - Internet Catalog Lycos 250 most popular sites arranged by subject matter.
  More of Bob's Hot Links Thousands of links to cool places organized by subject.
  WIC Select Top 50 Whole Internet Catalog Top 50 based on number of accesses.
  Short Hot List of Lists Web Communications Hot Lists.


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