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  Site Name Description
Book Information-> The Byte Site Articles, benchmarks, info, search engine, and more. 
  ITCS Internet Trainers Top 10 Books and journals for teaching the Internet. 
  Publisher's Catalogs Links to publisher's home pages and catalogs. 
  Computer/Internet Related Online Books Source for online books. 
  John Wiley and Sons Catalog Environment sciences, electrical eng, communications, and more. 
  West Educational Publishing Legal directory, product services, key searching, FAQ, and more.



  Site Name Description
Bookstores -> Bertelsmann's EvenBetter This site compares prices from 25 online bookstores (formerly Acses). 
  amazon.com Books & music, search by author/title, reivews available. 
  BooksMasters, Inc Electronic marketplace category list, reading room, and more. 
  Books On-Line Search by title or a phrase in a tile for on-line books. 
  Barnes and Noble Online Over 300,000 titles, latest books, search engine and more. 
  BookWeb American Booksellers Association book store directories and home pages. 
  Bookwire Navigator Categorized listings for booksellers and publishers. 
  Computer Literacy Bookshops Information on the latest computer books. 
  Houghton Mifflin Trade and Reference Division. 
  Intertain - Internet Book Store Database of 200,000 titles including bestsellers and new releases. 
  Jumpcity - Books on the Internet What's on the Web & What's on the Internet - Peachpit Press. 
  Literature Links literature, via authors, booksellers, libraries, publishers, and more. 
  NHBS BookNet Mail-order books, search engine, new releases, and more. 
  On-Line Publications Links to magazines, libraries, bookstores, on-line books, and others. 
  Open Book Systems Online bookstore, electronic bookshelves, bookfinder, and more. 
  Patrick Combs Home Page Author of Major in Success and Public Speaker (Intermettent). 
  Powell's Books Independent bookseller handling new, used, hard-to-find books. 
  Scholastic Books Publisher and distributor of childrens books. 
  SHARP Web Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing. 
  Softpro Books On-Line computer bookstore. 
  Top Ten Librarians' Resources Library users learn about the Internet resources. 
  UCI Bookstore Univ Calif Irvine, books, music, clothing, and gifts.



  Site Name Description
Book Classics-> Mark Twain Resources Mark Twain Resources on the WWW. 
  Sherlockian Sites Sherlockian Holmepage.



  Site Name Description
Publisher Sites-> Addison-Wesley Longman Partial catalog of books, education resources, meta-Index. 
  Benjamin/Cummings Publisher of reference and college texts. 
  Cambridge University Press One of the oldest printing and publishing houses in the world. 
  Harvard University Press Index of authors, titles, abbreviated book descriptions, book related web sites. 
  John Wiley & Sons Develops, publishes, and sells products in print and on electronic media. 
  Macmillan SuperLibrary Search, reference, yellow pages, software library, book stores, and more. 
  MIT Press Online Catalogs Books, journals, general information, and bookstore. 
  O'Reilly and Associates Internet, Unix, X, system administration, programming, windows, and more. 
  Oxford University Press Journal abstract database, online journal services, and more. 
  Prentice Hall College titles, professional references, new releases, and more. 
  Taylor & Francis International publishers of academic books and journals. 
  Virtual WordsWorth Good list of book publishers. 
  Yahoo - Magazines Magazines on a number of different topics. 
  Ziff Davis Publisher Numerous magazines, articles, and references.


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