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  Site Name Description
Camera Sites-> CNET Studio Cam CNET Studio camera is updated every 60 seconds. 
  Fish Cam WebCam footage of a fish tank. 
  Around the World in 80 Clicks Tour of the world via various cameras around the world. 
  Yahoo Camera Index Over 75 indoor and outdoor cameras from around the world.



  Site Name Description
Comics and Cartoon Sites-> A Tribute to Calvin Hobbes Calvin Hobbes Cartoon Sites. 
  Dilbert Zone Dilbert comics, creators personal info, Dilbert Store, and more. 
  Drabble Comic Strip Recent archive, and information about Drabble. 
  Doctor Fun Page Cartoon mirrors and archives, author information, and search engine. 
  Humor Archives Specials, interactive humor, archives, and more (cartoon and comic archive)
  Out of My Mind. Network cartoon site and links to other sites. 
  Peanuts Comics 2-week archive, personality profiles on characters, puzzles, and more. 
  Rodney Dangerfield The one and only, jokes, bio, original ideas, videos, and more. 
  The Comic Strips Site listings for 11 comic strips such as Marmaduke and Born Loser. 



  Site Name Description
Fun and Games Sites-> The Chess Archives Experimental Internet chess database including games and other sites. 
  Games Domain Competitions, games information, FAQ, games, patches, and demos. 
  The Humor Archives Humor specials, interactive humor, archives, humor hot sites, and FAQ (Games archive).
  InfoRamp Games, games you can download, entertainment, news, and more. 
  Internet - Casinos Sportsbook, lotteries, free casino, bars and clubs, entertainment, and more. 
  Riddler Board Game Board game with rules and awards. 
  TicTacToe Play interactive TicTacToe. 
  War Games Archive Artillery, invasion, landshark, macbzone, midway, and more. 
  Yahtzee for the Web Rules match the original game and the computer keeps score. 



  Site Name Description
Miscellaneous Fun Sites-> The Discovery Channel - Online Originally produced interactive stories and images. 
  Fun Stuff Links to a number of different interestng sites. 
  Fun Stuff Interesting sites to visit on the Internet including casinos, and more. 
  ITCS 10 Fun Resources Ten interesting sites to visit on the Internet. 
  The Gadget Page Juke boxes, Star Trek, phones, mind gear, weird science, & more. 
  Interactive Model Railroad Watch and operate the model railroad -- requires Unix WebVideo. 
  Yahoo Entertainment Index Yahoo top: Books, comics, humor, jokes, movies, music, radio, and TV. 
  MIT SIPB Mass. Institute of Technology student information processing board. 
  Mr. Showbiz Entertainment news, movie reviews. 
  Nerdity Test Test to determine level of nerdity based on your Internet knowledge. 
  Question of the day A new question everyday.
  WWW Fingerinfo Sports, Trivia, Code of the Geeks, and Earthquake Information. 
  World Internet Technologies Music and music related, museums, art, software, and others links. 
  WWW Speedtrap Registry Useful Police Speedtrap Information Repository listed by State. 
  Virtual Vegas Turbo Blackjack, Assault Poker, slots, great graphics, and more.


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