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  Site Name Description
Government Sites-> Agriculture Sites Weather, markets, machinery, news, IFBF, and search engines.
  Bureau of the Census Genealogy, population, economy, geography, and search tools.
  Central Intelligence Agency CIA publications, public affairs, and other intelligenc community links.
  Congressional Email Address How to contact Senators, Representatives, and many more.
  Congressional Gopher Menu Federal legislation and congressional pubs, support agencies, and more.
  Constitution of the U.S. Preamble, Legislative, Presidency, Judiciary Branches, amendment process.
  Consumer Education - Fraud Consumer information on Fraud, books, handouts, and more.
  C-Span Network Home Page Immediate news, audio server, political resource center, and more.
  Dept. of Health Human Services HHS agencies on the Internet, grants, research/data, policy and more.
  Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI fact sheet, location of field offices, electronic surveillance, and more.
  Internal Revenue Service Forms, instructions, where to file, and assistance.
  Dept. of Transportation (DOT) News and information, DOT administrations, and other information.
  Environment Protection Agency EPA public access server, laboratories, events, jobs and more.
  Federal Aviation Admin (FAA) FAA Internet sites, gopher, products, programs, and a BBS.
  FinanceNet Government asset sales for the general public, libraries, and mailing lists.
  Federal Communications Comm. Daily digest, commission agenda, current rulemaking, and speeches.
  Government Info Xchange General Services Admin (GSA), National Info Infrastructure.
  GSFC NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Assurance Technologies Division.
  The Intelligence Community Director of central intelligence and Intelligence community library.
  The Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School, legal documents, Supreme Court decisons, and more
  The Library of Congress Exhibits, events, services, publications, collections, and online systems.
  NASA Langley Research General info center, organizations on-line, search engine, and more.
  National Performance Review Common sense government, message from Al Gore, and more.
  U.S. National Debt Latest estimate of the national debt, sites concerned with the debt.
  National Science Foundation News of interest, world of science and engineering, info, and more.
  Navy On-Line Public affairs library, recruiting, Blue Angels schedule, FAQ, and more.
  Redstone Army Link MICOM directives on-line, Redstone Arsenal Army Community Service.
  Office of Science and Technology Programs Technology transfer info including partners, news, and more.
  U.S. Bureau of Mines Organizational overview, program areas, and mineral information.
  U.S. Dept. of Commerce Commerce Info Locator Service (CILS), commerce agencies, and more.
  U.S. Dept. of Education News, initiatives, guides, programs, services, publications, and products.
  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Coastal ecosystems, endangered species, federal aid, and more.
  U.S. Gov. Printing Office Superintendent of documents, federal depository libraries, and more.
  U.S. House of Representatives Legislative process, schedules, organizations, laws, and more.
  U.S. Patent Trademark Office General patent and trademark office, pending hearings, and services.
  U.S. Post Office 9 Digit zip code, area code, U.S. postal service WWW server.
  U.S. Post Office Zip codes, addressing tips, stamp centers, postage rates, and more.
  U.S. Securities & Exchange Investor information, public statements, SEC Enforcement Actions, FAQ.
  U.S. Senate Home Page Home page of the US Senate. Includes a search of recent bills.
  Welcome to the White House An interactive citizen's handbook.



  Site Name Description
Lists of Government Sites-> Cap Web - Guide to Congress Senate, House of Representatives, Library of Congress and more.
  Federal Web Locator Federal government at your fingertips - agencies, branches, and more.
  FedWorld Info Network U.S. Government Information On-line indexed by subject.
  Government Index Government and government related indexes and sites.
  Thomas Federal Legislation Legislative info on Internet, Congress Bills, Congressional Record.
  Yahoo Government Law Antitrust, cases, family, intellectual property, legal research and more.
  Yahoo Government List Agencies, documents, branches, employees, military, politics, and more.


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