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  Site Name Description
Education Sites-> CMC Information Sources Major education collections, other collections, documents and more.
  CollegeNet Research colleges and scholarships, take virtual tours, apply to over 200 colleges.
  Co-NECT School Exchange A national assistance organization dedicated to helping communities use technology for school change & improved academic results.
  Ed Web Exploring Technology, and school reform, and public broadcasting.
  Educational Institutions Pointers to academic institutions and resources.
  Gifted and Talented Youth CyberLearning Center, gifted resources page, and talent development.
  Ideas and Education Student service, Nasa K-12 Internet Initiative, and more.
  Kaplan Graduate School The GRE, ACT, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, CAT, admin, courses, and more.
  K-12 Web Servers Links to servers at K-12 schools, school districts, and educational sites.
  National Academy Press Online books, reading room, science site.
  Peterson's Education Center K-12, colleges, universities, bookstore, summer programs, and more.
  StudyWeb Useful for students of any age.
  Teachers Guide US Dept. of Ed Education goals, Educate America Act, organizational structure, and more.
  Yahoo K-12 Institute, high school, college prep, elementary schools, and more.



  Site Name Description
Kids Sites-> Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Hypertext formatted version of the Project Gutenberg Edition.
  The Animaniacs Page Animaniacs at Kids' WB, archive, parody song file, lyrics, and more.
  Berit's Best Sites for Kids #1 Animals, art, astronomy, dinosaurs, fish, frogs, history, and more.
  Berit's Best Sites for Kids #2 Just for fun, fun and games, activities, science and math, and safety.
  The Bug Club - Entomological Biology students run club for kits, insect orders, anatomy, and more.
  Children's Literature Web Guide Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.
  The Children Page Cartoonists, dinosaurs, LEGO's, books, and more.
  Childrens' Page Stories, jokes, activities and links, museums, children's pages around the world.
  Color Me Fun! Online coloring, free honey bear demo download (computerized coloring program). Educational & interactive site.
  Children's Television Workshop Links to Sesame Street, Big Bag, Ghost Writer Mysteries, and Sesame Street Parents.
  Energy Quest Energy science projects, puzzles, fuels, geothermal energy, and more.
  Fun and Games Comic books and strips, interactive web games, hobbies and crafts.
  Hands on Children's Museum Monthly newsletter of science and nature activities for parents.
  House of the Fox Fox stories, images, facts, and more.
  The International Kids Space Show your art, write ABC, share music, chat with friends and more.
  K-12 Top Ten Resources Commonly asked questions, educational archive, school tools, and more.
  KidsCom - Award Winner Preview and CyberSurfari clue search.
  Kids' Connection Great spots for kids, Nick-At-Night, Mr Rogers, Alice in Wonderland.
  Kids First List of children's videos endorsed by the Coalition for Quality.
  The Kids on the Web Kids stuff, children's books, things for adults, and educational sites.
  KidLink KidLink project, services, multi-language support, and more.
  Kids Web WWW digital library for kids -- art, drama, literature, and more.
  Knowledge Adventure Educational software, adventure series, reference books, and more.
  Lego Mindstorms Homepage Homepage of Lego Mindstorms - a new robotics-based type of legos. Pictures, sets, instructions, clubs, ideas, and other information sources.
  Mark Twain Hypertext formatted version of the Project Gutenberg edition.
  Mister Rogers' Neighborhood PBS home page, search engine, programs, stations, and more.
  Nick at Nite/TVLand Two Classic TV networks in one site. Includes episode guides, games, multimedia, and more.
  PBS On-line What's on PBS, inside PBS, games, jokes.
  Scholastic Central Teacher of the year, Baby-sitters Club, Scholastic Network, and more.
  Sesame Street Theme and lyrics, ponball song, picutres, and more.
  TOYS "R" US Virtual toy store from Toys "R" Us.
  The Virtual Toy Store Interactive toy store specializing in hard-to-find unusual gift items.
  Volcano World Volcanos of the world, volcanic parks and monuments, and more.
  WhaleTime@Seabed Fishing for facts, ask Seadog, kids page, environment, and more.
  Yahoo Toys Toy stores and companies -- educational, science, teddy bears, and more.
  Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) Int'l A Global Interactive Communications Network for young people to deal with and generate youth-oriented solutions to life's challenges.


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