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  Site Name Description
Macintosh Information Sites-> Apple Mac Users Group Resources available for the Macintosh (Intermittent).
  Mac Chat Free subscription to a Mac related magazine.
  Macintosh Technical Notes Experimental, includes errata and addenda for Inside Macintosh.
  Macintosh System 7.5 Facts, specifications, next steps, Apple Guide, Apple Script, and more.
  Macintosh Users Group Macintosh software and information, other groups for Mac Users.
  Usenet FAQs - Mac FAQs for PowerPC, screensaver, hardware, system software, and more.
  Well Connected Mac Vendor info, Mac hardware and software, web sites, periodicals and more.



  Site Name Description
Macintosh Index Sites-> Everything Macintosh Numerous Macintosh product and service vendors.
  Macintosh-related Servers Servers including Apple Tech Info Library, Info-Mac mirrors, and more.
  Macintosh Sites Mac FTP, Gopher, vendors, links, software, publishers, and more.
  PowerComputing Macintosh related links including games, FAQ's, conferences, and more.
  Well Connected Mac Online guide to everything Mac including web sites, and software.
  Yahoo Mac Software Archives, commercial, games, shareware, HTML, indexes, and more.



  Site Name Description
Macintosh Software Sites-> alt.binaries.pictures Archives include animation, archiving, conversion, and much more.
  Apple Internet Sites Apple related Internet sites.
  Board Games FTP Site Chess, battleship, monolopy, risk, master-mine, and more.
  Index to /pub/mac/umich Univ. of Michigan tools including, powermac, utilities, and graphics.
  Mac Fetch FTP Tool User-friendly Macintosh FTP client.
  Mac Multimedia Shareware StuffItExpander, Photocapture, Asciipaint, antialias, windows, and more.
  Macintosh Software Apps Browsers, helper applications, viewers, servers, html, multimedia, etc.
  Mac Tools & Utilities MacPerl, archiving and compression utilities, BBEdit, and much more.
  NCSA's FTP Server NCSA's new anonymous FTP server for software and information.
  NCSA SDG Software Software Development Group Mac software -- Telnect, Mosaic, and more.
  Netsurfer Digest Special MacWorld Expo Edition featuring software and tools.
  Software (Mac, DOS, Win) Links for Mac, DOS, and Windows software tools and utilities.
  Univ. Texas Mac Archive University of Texas Macintosh freeware and shareware archive.



  Site Name Description
Macintosh Vendor Sites-> Adaptec InfoServer Network product guide, support test, on-line BBS, and more.
  APS Technologies Great products, disk and tape drives, SCSI gear, and more.
  Asante Technologies, Inc Network product info such as hubs, network managment, and more.
  Attachmate Personal client series for Windows NT and 95, support, and more.
  BTI Home Page Battery technology, tips, FAQ, vendor list, support and more.
  Corel Home Page Product info such as Corel Draw, support, FTP, images, and more.
  CUseeMe Networks CU-SeeMe, product and comapany info, technical supports, and more.
  Cybex Home Page Peripheral extensions, keyboards, monitors, and multiple computers.
  DayStar Digital Multiprocessor system using the MAC OS, Genesis MP, and more.
  DiagSoft, Inc Electronic technical support products for Mac, PC, and more.
  Diamond Multimedia Multimedia and graphics accelerators, multimedia kits, support, and more.
  Epson America, Inc Laser, impact and inkjet printers, PCs, scanners, accessories, and more.
  ForeSight Technology Inc Power tools, 4D database for windows, Visual Basics, support, and more.
  InterCon Harvest TCP for Mac/Window, NSF share, Planet X, support info, and more .
  ISOMEDIA CD-ROM technologies, replication, and recording systems.
  Lacie Limited Hard drive encyclopedia, email, technical support, software, and more.
  Mac Vendor Directory Hardware, software, services, consulting, training, and a search engine.
  Mac-Res-Q: Wholesle Outlet Printers, monitors, desktop, portable products, and more.
  MicroNet Technology, Inc Data storage, disk drives, support, utilities, and more.
  Miramar Systems, Inc AppleTalk Protocol Stack, servers, AppleShare client services, and more.
  Memory Mechants Memory, optical disks, magnetic tape, syquests, and more.
  Sassafras Software Free Macintosh audit tool distributed, Software Pub Assocation (SPA).
  ProMax Technology, Inc PCI and NuBus based Jaz arrays, press releases, and more.
  Symantec Utilites, tools, applications, anti-virus and software for Mac and PCs.
  Techworks Memory products and upgrades including free evaluation.
  Tellan Software, Inc MacAuthorize Hub include multi-user, gateway version, and more.
  Telops Management Inc Products, events, corporate overview, and more.
  Tenon Intersystems MachTen, a BSD Unix, X Window and Mach implementation for Macs.
  Trib Computer Works Multi-protocol and 2-port Internet router and remote access server.
  Umax Technologies Products such as scanners, multimedia, new products, and more.
  ViaCrypt Information assurance via cryptography, customer support, and more.
  Vicom Technology Terminal emulation, front-ending, client/server, gateways, and more.


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