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  Site Name Description
AI in Medicine Sites-> AI in Medicine Journal publishes articles from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives.
  AI in Medicine Article by Dr. Jim Hunter on qualitative reasoning in medicine and more.
  Canadian AI Projects Medical decision support and biological and computational visual systems.
  CBR-MED Uses of Case Based Reasoning in the medical fields.
  Medical Informatics Lab Ontologies for medical expert systems, and more.
  Radiation Therapy & CBR Research paper on radiation therapy and case-based reasoning.



  Site Name Description
Cancer Sites-> Association of Cancer Online Resources Detecting, 800 numbers, medical information, and Q & A, and more.
  Avon Pink Ribbon Pens Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade - Glossary, FAQ and more.
  Cancer Medical Server Links Registry, resources, medical center, journals and more.
  Guide to Cancer Resources Bone marrow transplants, brain tumors, breast and lung cancer, and more.
  Intl Myeloma Foundation Hot line, patient seminars, newsletter, publications, and more.
  Medical: Neural Net Journals, neurosciences, news, and more.
  Medicine on Line Cancer info, cancer FAQ, search medicine on line, and a physicians guide.
  MedNews - CancerNet Database contents list includes patients, drug, press releases and more.
  NN Apps in Medicine List of references to neural network applications in medicine and health.
  OncoLink - Cancer Resource Univ Pennsylvania -- disease, medical specialties, causes, and more.
  Prostate Cancer InfoLink Screening, diagnosis, treatment, support, statistics, and much more.
  Quick Info about Cancer Cancer information for patients and their families.
  Univ TX Cancer Center Anderson Cancer Center -- bulletin, directories, departments and programs.
  Yahoo - Medical Cancer Breast, institutes, journals, leukemia, Melatonin, skin cancer, and more.



  Site Name Description
Disability Sites-> Disability-Related Info Law, visual, hearing, mental, and other disability information.
  Intellectual Disability Info Medical and behavioural issues, epidemiology, diagnosis, and more.



  Site Name Description
Disease Sites-> ATSDR ToxFAQ Menu Agency for toxic substances and disease registry.
  Cells Alive Graphic description of cells, how they work, virus, and bacterium.
  Center for Disease Control Control and prevention, health risks, products, and more.
  Glossary of Terms Useful summary of virus related terms (Intermittent).
  Infectious Disease WebLink Brief list infectious disease sites including travelers clinic and policies.
  Outbreak - Ebola Page Info on Ebola and other viruses -- view old pages as well.
  The Whole Brain Normal brain, cerebrovascular diseases, neoplastic diseases, and more.



  Site Name Description
First Aid Sites-> American Red Cross For help after disasters -- starting point into their web.
  British Red Cross Comprehensive guide to First Aid (Intermittent).
  Facts for Families 51 info sheets including divorce, abuse, depression, suicide, and more.
  Links to First Aid Sites First Aid-related sites including life threatening medical emergencies.



  Site Name Description
General Health Sites-> Health Sciences Lib System Heath stats, organizations by subject such as aging and cancer.



  Site Name Description
Medical Index Sites-> AACAP on the Internet American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Homepage.
  BUBL Medical Index Aids, health, medicine, research, references, cancer, and more.
  Dept. Health/Human Services Research, data, policy, topic index, HHS agencies, and consumer info.
  Doctor's Guide to the Internet Medical and professional interest including a search engine.
  Family and Health Resources Virtual hospital, disability information, biosciences, medicine, and more.
  Galaxy Medical Index Includes: dentistry, exercise, history, holistic, specializations, and more.
  Health and Medicine Links Cancer, dentistry, nutrition, pharmacy, clinical, viruses, and more.
  Healthfinder Good place to start if you're researching a health topic. Lots of related links.
  Internet Physician's Guide Medical specialities, pharmaceuticals, AIDS, patient education, and more.
  Med Help International Medical help's medical libraries and medical files, cancer center, and more.
  Medical Education Page Medical indices, specialities, references, schools, and more.
  Medical Matrix Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources including literature searches.
  Medical Terminology Medical terminology and abbreviations.
  Medicine - Biosciences Information categorized by provider and then subject.
  Medicine Net A wealth of information about illnesses and treatment with 30 contributing physicians.
  Multimedia Medical Ref. Lib Comprehensive medical information, images, movies, and more.
  National Institutes of Health News, events, health information, grants, contracts, and scientific resources.
  National Library of Medicine HyperDOC multimeida/hypertext resource of the NLM.
  Points of Pediatric Interest Child pediatrics, adolescent psychiatry, health care and heart assocation.
  The Virtual-Medical Center 19,300 multimedia medical cases, 12,300 medical teaching files, and more.
  WWW Medical Index GNN medical index, HealthWeb, medical resources, and more.
  Yahoo Health Links Dentristy, diseases, health issues, geriatrics, mental health, and more.



  Site Name Description
Medical School Sites-> Medical Institutions John Hopkins Medical information network and training.
  Yahoo Medical Schools List of medical school sites.



  Site Name Description
Miscellaneous Sites-> Bald is Beautiful Homepage Bald hall of fame, bald humor, literature, places, quotes and more.
  Cardiovascular Institute Center for diagnosis and treatment of heart and cirulatory disease.
  Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data resources of US Dept Energy, Office of Enviornment, Safety, Health.
  Genealogy & Medicine Resources Genealogy, medicine, surgery, other site resource references.
  Medical Equipment Yahoo health, medical equipment manufacturing and more.
  Physicians online By physicians for physicians as sponsorship by pharmaceutical.
  The Reference Desk Health Science Centers, Martindale's Health Science Guide - '95.



  Site Name Description
U.S. and International Health Sites-> Medicine - Biosciences Medical links categorized by provider, then by subject.
  National Library of Medicine Medicine Images from the History of Medicine.
  National Institute of Health News, health, grants, institutes, and scientific resources.
  The Virtual Hospital University of Iowa, Department of Radiology.
  Whole Frog Project Explore the anatomy of a frog using 3D imaging.


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