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  Site Name Description
Career and Job Sites-> Career Mosaic On-line career opportunities, job fairs, resource center, etc.
  Chicago Tribune Career Finder Browse the Chicago Tribune's Help Wanted Ads.



  Site Name Description
News and Publishing Related Sites-> ClairNet Communications Electronic News including technology, entertainment, and more.
  CMP Media CommunicationsWeek supplement for Electronic Commerce.
  CNN Interactive Everything you would expect from CNN News.
  Daily News Number of daily news links from around the world.
  Dow Jones Business Info Services Research Services, Customized News, Electronic Publications.
  Electronic Newstand Information from magazines, newsletters, newspapers, catalogues, etc.
  Ensemnle Information Systems Programmed news clipping provider.
  InfoWorld Today's news, forums, software, test center, index, and more.
  Internet-on-a-Disk Newsletter of public domain and free electronic texts.
  ITCS Top 10 News Resources Links to ITCS top 10 news and information sites.
  Jupiter Comunications Research, consulting, and publishing firm.
  Life Magazine Online FAQ's, back issue ordering, survey results, articles, and subscriptions.
  The Maclin Times Links to many newspapers and other news sources on the Internet.
  Mercury Center Web Information service of the San Jose Mercury News.
  NCSA What's New Listings of new/changed www sites updated 3 times per week.
  NetCreations Web Site construction & Internet Marketing Services.
  Netsurfer Digest Guide to news, places, and resources on-line delivered via email.
  News Rack Weather reports and images, magazines, world news, and more.
  NewsBlend Index U.S. & World news, sports, net & technology, and much more.
  NewsPage An information service with 500 information sources and 25,000 pages.
  PC AI Magazine Site For more information on publications and magazines.
  Real World News International news sources -- Jerusalem Post, German Daily and more.
  SF Chronicle and Examiner THE GATE - news, information, sports, entertainment, wines, and more.
  Speednet Up-to-date auto racing information.
  Starting Point News Net News, international news, regional, and nearly live news.
  Time Magazine Includes news and information.
  Today.com Find out what's happening today on the Web.
  Trib.com News Service Headline news from AP, Reuters, BBC, and other sources.
  USA Today News, sports, money, life, weather, lottery, cyberlistings, and more.
  Web News Center Listing by Subject.
  Welcome to the Tech! Continuous online news service and brief index of useful sites.
  What's Hot in News Lycos - cooks, radio, TV, legal, mags, newspapers, and more.
  Yahoo News Indexed by subject.


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