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  Site Name Description
Organization Sites-> AAAI American Association of Artificial Intelligence.
  AISESnet American Indian Science and Engineering Society.
  Association Computing Machines ACM's living publications and services catalogue.
  America Online (AOL) Basic info page about the computer service including search engine.
  Boy Scouts of America WWW pages for the Boy Scouts and member units.
  Cap Web A Guide to the U.S. Congress.
  CompuServe CompuServe's access provider web home page.
  IEEE Computer Society History, organization, awards, education, FAQ, conferences, and more.
  IEEE Home Page Membership services, bookstore, standards, student activities.
  Microelectronic & Computer Tech Multidisciplinary R&D, technology integration, and gov. programs.
  NASA Internet Resources National Aeronautics and Space Administration Internet resources.
  NASA National Labs National Science Foundation (NSF), DOD Centers, and Connsortiums.
  National Genealogical Society 14,000 member society with bimonthly newsletter, quarterly journal.
  Navy On Line Gateway to United States Department of the Navy.
  NTIA Institute National Institute for Telecommunication Sciences.
  Nonprofit Organizations Contact center network, Internet nonprofit center, and more.
  Office of CIA Office of the Director of Central Intelligence WWW Site.
  Prodigy Home Page Access provider basic info page.
  SeniorNet Organization for adults over 55 enabling use of computer technologies.
  Space Astrophysics Laboratory National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).
  Stanford Picture Tour Picture tour of the Stanford University.
  U.S. Dept. of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration.
  United Nations 50th Pictorial history, newsletters, signing of the UN Charter, and more.
  United Nations BINAS, CEDAR, FAQ, UNESCO, UNCED, ITU, NATO and more.


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