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  Site Name Description
Home Design and Repair Sites-> Custom Home Design Home plans, repair tips, construction terms, roof types, landscaping.
  HouseNet Advice for homeowners. Good reference site for fixer-uppers.



  Site Name Description
Legal and Law Related Sites-> Advertising Law Internet Site US advertising law, other ad and marketing sites, and more.
  Legal and Law Related Sites Law schools and libraries, government sites, and more.



  Site Name Description
Library Sites-> Library Catalogs Australia National Lib, public libraries, science libraries, and more.
  Library List (Section of Page) Libraries that allow access to their catalogs through the Internet.
  Public Library List World-wide public libraries that either have gopher or WWW services.
  United States Public Libraries Galaxy list of libraries including search engine.



  Site Name Description
Literature Sites-> Acronyms and Abbreviations List of (mostly) acronyms constructed from the first letters of the words.
  American Memory Collections for the national digital library - titles and topics.
  Classics Archive Searchable archive of 375 Classical, Greek, and Roman texts.
  Columbia Project Bartleby Links to famous writers, speakers, and much more.
  Dictionaries Inter-language dictionaries -- English, German, French, Spanish.
  Hypertext Webster Interface Accessing Webster's dictionary services on the Internet.
  Oxymorons Many examples.
  The Quotations Page Collection of resources relating to quotations.
  Shakespeare Complete Works Listing of Shakespeare's plays and poems, glossary, FAQ and more.
  Searchable Gopher Index Search engine for thesaurus.
  Story Resources on Web Folk tails, story telling, fairy tales, stories from other cultures, and more.
  Textsearch of Literature Pensees, Shakespeare, Homer, Tacitus, and Pascal.



  Site Name Description
Miscellaneous Sites-> The BlueBook U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book UFO investigations.
  Cities and Destinations 1,130 Cities and 557 other international destination.
  General Reference Material Numerous miscellaneous references in science, health, and more.
  What's Hot in Reference Lycos best - career, causes, literature, maps, medical, and more.



  Site Name Description
Model Railroad Sites-> Atlas Model Railroading Publications, shop talk, press releases, products, wiring, and more.
  Railroad Internet Resources Catalog of pointers to railroad-related sources on the Internet.
  Railroad Resources Index to model railroading sites.



  Site Name Description
Museum Sites-> Franklin Institute Science Museum includes exhibits, resources, museum fun, library, and more.
  Hands-on Science Centers Pointers to public museums emphasizing interactive science education.
  Internet Arts Museum Showcases contemporary art in a variety of media.
  Leonardo da Vinci Museum Displays images and information relating to Leonardo da Vinci.
  Museum and Libraries Features museums, related institutions, other WWW and gopher sites.
  Museum On-Line Libraries, books, museums, periodicals, indexes, and much more.
  Smithsonian Institute Overview of the Smithsonian.
  UCB Museum Paleontology Museum mission, history, publications, public activities, and more.



  Site Name Description
Reference List of Sites-> The Mother-of-All BBS 1,447 links WWW home pages sorted alphabetically.



  Site Name Description
Technical Reference Sites-> Advanced Research Projects Research Organization for the Department of Defense.
  Animal Resources Sea World, Busch Garden, including whales, birds, gorillas, and more.
  Asset Source Software Eng Tech Worldwide software resource discovery library.
  Bell Labs Research AT&T, world science seminars, ftp sites, demos, bibliography.
  Computer Almanac Numbers Computers is use, Internet stats, computer crime and injuries, and more.
  Declassified Imagery Transition Declassified intelligence satellite photos including imagery fact sheet.
  Dead Sea Scrolls Ancient library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship.
  Earth Geographical Survey Registry of earth and environment science Internet resources.
  Electronic Lib Serv & App Lobby ELSA, a NASA funded service accessing high quality software.
  Encyclopedia Britannica Online encyclopedia reference source.
  FedWorld Info Network Access to U.S. Government information online.
  Graduate Aeronautical Lab Aeronautics, fluid and solid mechanics, structural mechanics, and more.
  Global Encycopedia Free world encyclopedia includes search engine.
  Harris Reference Info Dictionaries, reference texts, facts, tables, codes, useful phone, and more.
  History -- Civil War Events, photographs, and more from 1861-1865.
  Historical Speeches Richard Nixon audio archive, JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, and more.
  Hoover's Online The ultimate source for company info in the form of lists.
  HST's Greatest Hits 1990-1995 Hubble Space Telescope photo gallery of celestial objects.
  The Human-Language Page Information about the languages of the world.
  Intellectual Property Rights Intellectual Property and the National Information Structure.
  Jargon File - Interim Release Jargon File, New Hacker's Dictionary, and more.
  Library Map Collection Africa, Americas, Middle East, Soviet Republics, and more.
  Merriam-Webster Online dictionary and thesaurus.
  Memetics - Spreading Info The theory for understanding the spreading of useful information.
  NASA NCTN NASA Commercial Technology Network.
  Pure Information Information from a number of different sources.
  Quality Resources Online Collection of quality-related information site links.
  Reference Center The art, archaeology, and history of Egypt including tombs.
  Reference Center Internet public library including a search engine.
  References Many many links an all subjects.
  Significant Events 1890-1940 Publication, invention, election, exhibition, exposition, and more.
  Software Education Institute SEI LEVEL X standards, participation, technology, and more.
  Team Redstone Redstone Aresenal, Alabama - Corporate Information Center.
  Thomas Jefferson Numerous quotes from one of the Founding Fathers of the U.S.
  Thomas Register of Manufacturers Information on companies, products, purchasing, and advertising.
  Today Events on this date today, yesterday, and in the future.
  Uncle Sam's Reference Shelf Census info with graphics, state rankings and profiles, and more.
  USADATA Main Menu USA reports, autos, computers, travel, shopping, finance, and more.
  USENET FAQs Listing of all USENET FAQs found in news.answers.
  Welcome to the Tech! Continuous online news service.
  World of Interest Reference library including books, grammer, science, and more
  World Population Current world and U.S. population.
  WWW exhibit organization Take a tour of the Vatican, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and more.


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