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  Site Name Description
Movie Sites-> Buena Vista MoviePlex See information and clips from the latest hollywood pictures. 
  CineMedia File/Media Directory Films, actors, theaters, productions, studios, sounds, and more. 
  Clamen's Movie Information Cinema schedules, file reviews, ratings, film facts, and other information. 
  Early Motion Pictures Movies from the Library of Congress (1897-1916). 
  ESPN Cable Sports Zone On-line sports resource, NFL, NHL, NBA, news, and membership. 
  Guide to Film and Video Reviews, bibliographies, searchable databases, and more. 
  Hollywood Online Movie lists, videos, audio, interactive, images, trailers, and more. 
  The Internet Movie Database Searching by title, name, actors, directors, and many other topics. 
  James Bond Actors, films, music, merchandise, marketing, gifts, fan WWW, and more. 
  MPEG Animation, movies, QuickTime, and more. 
  MPEG Monster List Movies, TV, music, space, racing, and animation (Intermittent). 
  Reel.com Hard-to-find, classics, and art house films. 
  Walt Disney Disney on the Internet includes pictures, television, and records. 
  Yahoo Movie/Film Index Movies, TV, music, titles, soundtracks, studios, and a lot more.



  Site Name Description
TV Sites-> ABC Primetime TV What's new on ABC, ABC Radionet Web, and more. 
  BBC Radio Television, radio, education, world service, Internet, and more. 
  Cinema Sites Movie reviews, databases, guilds and organizations, journals, and more. 
  CNN News Latest news, weather, sports, TV listings, and show business info. 
  Eye on the net @ CBS Late show, CBS Sports, CBS News, and more. 
  Fox World Fox kids network, sports, entertainment, and what's new at Fox. 
  Late Show with Letterman David Letterman Web server includes guests lists, sound bites and more. 
  Monkees Home Page Music, sing along, TV show, pictures, and more. 
  NBC HTTV Shows, local NBC station, sports, news, production facilities, and more. 
  PBS Television Online Inside PBS, online newshour, what's on PBS, and learning services. 
  Science Fiction Movie specials, latest in the world of science fiction. 
  Star Trek Episodes, casts, old and new sites, and more information. 
  Television Related Site Guide to TV sites, Star Trek, Tonight Show, and more. 
  TV Listings Tonight Listings sorted by network, date, category, and much more. 
  TV Tonight -- Daily Guide TV schedule links. 
  The Ultimate TV List Links for 638 shows and growing, seach engine, and a lot more. 
  The Weather Channel Current conditions, weather wisdom, and much more.



  Site Name Description
Movie and TV Miscellaneous Sites-> Emmy Awards Detailed information on the Emmy award presentations. 
  Entertainment and Fun Stuff Movie and Television, Books, Cartoons, and more. 
  Entertainment and Travel Index Movie, TV, and other entertainment sites. 
  Entertainment Guide Entertainment news, Walt Disnet, Academy Awards, Broadway, and more. 
  The Lion King Press, trailer, promotional clips, promotional stills, and more. 
  Movie Databases Brief list of movie databases and movie review sites. 
  News Corp/MCI Presents Corp. info., sample movie information, and links to other MCI sites. 
  Paramount Studios Latest movies and television shows, press releases, and more. 
  Screen Writer & Playwrighters Resources for screenwriters and playwrights including writing resources. 
  This Old House TOH Encyclopedia, trivia quiz, bulletin board, show locator, and more. 
  Wild Wild West TNT episode schedule, episode information, and more. 
  Wild Wild West Picture Page Digitized photos of Wild Wild West TV episodes and other info.


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