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  Site Name Description
Network Vendor Sites-> Cisco Info Online Enterprise network products, technical support, and software updates.
  McAfee - Network Security McAfee anit-virus, asset and configuration management products.
  Novell Online Products, services, manuals, client-server, groupware, and more.



  Site Name Description
Computer Peripheral Vendor Sites-> APS Technologies Direct provider of mass storage, tape subsystems, SCSI, and more.
  Applied Microsystems Corp Intel and Motorola processor info and software verification tools.
  Black Box On-Line Catalog Data communications, connectivity, modems, and other products.
  CD Archive Blank media, CD related info, hardware, software, ftp, and more.
  CSUSM Shareware Archive Windows world and Macworld software archives.
  Falcon Systems Unix peripherals and products such as disk drives and more.
  Frame Technology Corporation Internet Publishing, corporate, products, partners, support.
  Fujitsu Systems Solutions IntelligentPad, GraphicsPower, NetWalker, and future products.
  Hewlett Packard Peripherals Printers, printer-copiers, scanners, faxes, plotter, supplies, and more.
  IBM Corporation Products, solutions, technology, research, and search engines.
  Intel Corporation Processors, support, communication, and networking products.
  MCA/Universal Cyberwalk See Visual/Interactive Previews of new Universal releases.
  MIS Associates Inc Inkjet Supplier including trouble shooting guide and more.
  National Semiconductor New products, data sheets, pricing, technical support, and more.
  NeoSoft Homepage Internet provider. See Neopolis, a virtual city.
  NewsPage Information service on computer hardware, peripherals, and more.
  Onsale Interactive Market Includes PCs, notebooks, Macs, storage, peripherals, and more.
  Network Computing Devices X-terminals, Z-mail, PC-Xware, Mariner Internet Software, and more.
  PC OnCall Low cost remote access and fax reception
  Quantum Corporation News, products, events, service, storage, and corporate background.
  Seagate Data Technology Co Corporate and product info, technical support, and product finder.
  Storage Computer High performance, fault-tolerant, SCSI, storage systems.
  Supra Corporation Telecommunications products including modems.



  Site Name Description
Computer Software Vendor Sites-> Adobe Systems Incorporated Products, tips, techniques, service, support, and free software.
  Almaden Web Farm IBM Corporation - Almaden Web Farm.
  Andersen Consulting International management and technology consulting organization.
  Apple Computer Links to sites for vendors of Apple related products.
  Berkeley Software Design, Inc BSDI Internet Gateway for Novell, software products, and more.
  The Cushing Group Business solutions based on distributed object computing.
  Digital Application Partners WWW server sites of computer vendors provided by Digital.
  FileMaker, Inc Formerly Claris. Makers of Filemaker Pro and many other tools, support, and more.
  Harlequin Compiler writers, application programmers, with a number of products.
  IDL from Research Systems Environment for math, advanced data visualization, and graphics.
  Inprise Formerly Borland. Product and company info, programs, services, and more.
  Insignia Solutions Product info (SoftWindows), technical support, and press releases.
  Interleaf Internet publishing, product info, support, and more.
  Lexis-Nexis Communication Center Business databases, business services, customer service, and more.
  Linux Documentation Project Linux, a copylefted Unix clone for the Intel 386/486/Pentium.
  Lotus Notes FAQ Programming tips, gateways, Notes 4.0, mailing lists, and more.
  Lotus Development Corp Lotus groupware and desktop products, seminars, and more.
  Lynx Browser WWW browser for UNIX and VMS platforms.
  Marshall Electronics Products, search, order on-line, seminars, UPS tracking, and more.
  Microsoft Corporation Download Internet Explorer beta, products, support, solutions, and more.
  MicroSoft Windows What's hot, new software, Windows 95 tips, and more.
  NCSA - Univ Illinois Publications, software, multimedia, job opportunities, and resources.
  Network Applicance Center Develops optimized software data access servers.
  Object Management Group Consortium on object technology for development of distributed systems.
  Oracle and Information Age Download Oracle products for a 90-day free trial period.
  PC OnCall Remote Control software - links to all major vendors.
  Shareware Site Searchable service from C/Net with over 160,000 files
  Software Archives Links to software archive sites for the PC and Mac.
  Sun Microsystems Products/solutions, sales/service, corporate overview, and more.
  Techworks Memory upgrade products for computers and laser printers.
  Tenon Intersystems Developers of MachTen, a UNIX for the Mac platform.
  Walnut Creek CDROM Software, CDROMS, and technical support.



  Site Name Description
Computer System Vendor Sites-> Apple Computer Apple Computer product and support information.
  Apple Enterprise Product info on WebObjects, OpenStep, service, search, and more.
  Bricknell Business Machines Product and technical support info for hardware, software, internet.
  Compaq Computer Corporation Product and technical support info, services, and more.
  Cray Research Inc Supercomputing high performance computing information.
  Dell Computer Corporation Products, support, corporate, employments, and more.
  Hewlett-Packard Company Access HP, laser printers, scanners, access guide, search, and more.
  IBM Personal Computers Products including Pentiums, ThinkPads, servers, tips, monitors, and more.
  Motorola PowerPC Product info, technical papers, hardware specs, user's manual.
  National Instruments InstrumentationWeb - Instrumentation information, and more.
  Packard Bell Product and company info, tricks and tips, support, and services.
  Silicon Graphics Silicon graphics developer program, product information, and more.
  Silicon Graphics SGI application directory by product category, developer, and more.
  Silicon Graphics SGI Hot Mix II program, application vendor names and more.
  SunSITE University of North Carolina - Hot Java, other software and more.
  TechShopper For researching, comparing, and purchasing hardware & software..
  Texas Instrumenets Products, specifications, company information, and more.
  Xi Computers Workstations, servers, specifications, company information, more.
  Zenith Data Systems Products, support, search engine, journal, and more.


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