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Product Update
Business Applications

Haley Systems, Inc.

HaleyAuthority 5.0 for .NET and Java Applications
Haley Systems, Inc. announces the release of HaleyAuthority 5.0, a business rules management tool for both .NET and Java environments. HaleyAuthority allows business and IT users to develop applications collaboratively while reducing the steps required to change rules when business conditions change. HaleyAuthority 5.0 offers natural language authoring and automatic code generation for .NET and Java applications, along with a patent-pending rules methodology. It offers multiple modes of rules authoring functionality which includes true English text, cascading menus, and table formats. HaleyAuthority 5.0 eliminates the need to translate business requirements from English into complex if-then logic and allows both business and IT users to manage business policies, procedures, regulations, constraints, etc. in an intuitive user interface.

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