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Data Mining and Modeling

Automated Data Mining Model Development and Validation Software
NeuralWare announces the release of the NeuralSight data mining model development/validation software. NeuralSight augments and enhances the NeuralWorks Predict® platform, which enables researchers and analysts to create neural network models for prediction, classification, and clustering applications. NeuralSight extends the features of Predict by providing a Graphical User Interface for handling large datasets and by allowing modelers to specify model performance requirements. NeuralSight selects and ranks the best neural networks from a set of networks built by Predict during an unattended model building session. NeuralSight is available now for Microsoft Windows® 2000 and Windows XP. Other operating systems will be supported in 2005.


Decision Support

ADVISOR Enterprise 6.1
BNH Expert Software announces the release of ADVISOR Enterprise v. 6.1. ADVISOR Enterprise is a decision support tool that helps organizations manage training budgets and resources and identify methods of running programs more efficiently. ADVISOR contains four modules: Module 1 is "Align Training with Organizational Goals". This is a needs assessment tool for analyzing goals and identifying what is needed to achieve those goals. Module 2 is "Improve Human Performance." This is a decision support tool that analyzes deficiencies in performance and recommends training and solutions. Module 3 is "Select the Right Blend of Delivery Options." This module analyzes the effectiveness of training courses and then determines the most cost-effective way


to deliver the training. Module 4 is "Manage Training Budgets and Resources." This module determines how much money must be allocated to provide the most benefits. For more information on ADVISOR Enterprise, visit the BNH website.

BNH Expert Software

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