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Intelligent Search Tools

text" format, Desktop Search can then index and search that collection, highlighting hits on the scanned image. Desktop Search can also combine a search of imaged files with other PDF, HTML, XML, email (including attachments), word processor, database, spreadsheet, presentation and Unicode files. The product displays all retrieved files in a browser with highlighted hits, while keeping embedded XML, PDF and HTML formatting, links and images intact.

Doculex, Inc.

dtSearch Corp.

Intelligent Tools

MATLAB RF Toolbox 1.0.1
The MathWorks announces version 1.0.1 of their Radio Frequency (RF) Toolbox. The toolbox extends the MATLAB technical computing environment with functions and a graphical user interface for working with, analyzing, and visualizing the behavior of RF components. The toolbox allows the user to specify RF filters, transmission lines, amplifiers, and mixers by their network parameters and physical properties. The user can also read and write industry-standard file formats for network parameters. RF Toolbox functions are executed from the MATLAB command line or the RF Tool GUI, or can be called with individual MATLAB scripts and functions. The toolbox includes rectangular and polar plots and Smith® charts for visualizing data.

The MathWorks, Inc.

MPI-XF Support for AMD Opteron™ Processors
Engineered Intelligence (EI) announces the release of MPI-XF version 1.2, a high performance solution for the industry standard Message Passing Interface (MPI), and announced validation for the AMD Opteron™ processor platform.

New Version of DocuLex Desktop Search
DocuLex and dtSearch announce the release of Version 6.3 of DocuLex Desktop Search. The resulting product joins DocuLex's document capture technology with dtSearch's text searching technology. Desktop Search works with DocuLex's multiple OCR and other imaging products, including DocuLex's Professional Capture and Office Capture as well as Goby Capture. The integrated product works to index and search the full text of imaged documents. For example, after DocuLex OCRs a collection of documents into PDF "image with hidden

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