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permitting the transparently storing of Java objects in relational databases and greatly reducing development and maintenance efforts. Compliant with the unanimously approved JDO 1.0 standard for transparent object persistence, its features target enterprise applications with tough performance and scalability requirements. This standard benefits all Java developers, by offering a common interface to all data storage frameworks. Supports manipulating large data sets and allows Java applications to efficiently handle incremental processing of arbitrarily large quantities of data. Since enterprise-level applications consider database performance and design as well as Java application-level issues, it allows both Java object modelers and database experts to work together by alleviating the stringent mapping requirements that many object-relational mapping products typically impose. Many development projects must integrate with pre-existing databases not designed around object-oriented concepts. This system includes tools for handling an enterprise applications full lifecycle including analyze existing databases and automatically assembling a set of Java classes that represent the existing table structure. It extracts foreign key and primary key information from the database to build relationships between classes and inheritance trees, as appropriate.

SolarMetric Inc.
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Pattern and Image Recognition

Image Recognition Software Goes Batch
Attrasoft announces ImageFinder for Dos, a version of its image recognition software for Windows without the Graphical User Inter-face (GUI). This software looks at a jpg image(s) or gif image(s) and locates similar images. It can be used for image verification (1:1 matching); image identification (1:N matching); image search or retrieval (1:N matching); and image classification (N:1 or N:N matching). With real-time image recognition (not key-word based), it looks for any image including stamp, trademark, forensic, dental, internet, satellite, face, infrared, x-ray, color photos, B/W, video, fingerprints, and microscopic. This new

versions advantages over the Windows version includes running multiple tasks in a single Dos batch file as well as programming control. A new component, SegLocator, can locate an image segment within an image. Dos version is $1,500.

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General Announcements

Demo Lab
Attrasoft announces that The Demo Lab, Global Technology Centre, PricewaterhouseCoopers is using the ImageFinder as a demonstration of a potential future technology. This state-of-the-art interactive demonstration lab enables Fortune 100 executives to learn how new technologies can impact their businesses. Featuring new products the lab explores how these new technologies can address business problems and help executives discover the correct solutions.

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Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics
The Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics (CICLing-2003) will be held February 16 to 22, 2003 in Mexico City, Mexico. The publication is Springer LNCS. This is a small, professional, high-level, very selective, non-profit conference on Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing covering nearly all topics related to computational linguistics. Designed for people from different areas and promotes interesting discussions and exchanges of opinions.


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