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Neural Networks
Neural Network, Genetic Algorithms, Statistics, and Fuzzy Logic in One Package
NeuralWare announces NeuralWorks Predict 3.0, an integrated, development platform for rapidly creating and deploying prediction and classification models for business intelligence applications. By combining neural network technology with genetic algorithms, statistics, and fuzzy logic, it automatically finds optimal or near-optimal solutions for a wide range of problems. It incorporates years of modeling and analysis experience gained from working with customers faced with a wide variety of data mining, analysis and interpretation problems. While it still quickly constructs robust neural networks without in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology, Predict represents a complete upgrade to its user interface. All command and parameter views follow a property page paradigm, with related features and functions collected in easily identified pages. Also new is a Kohonen Self Organizing Map (SOM) enabling development of sophisticated models that group data records sharing similar trends or patterns. Designed for localizing in international markets, a Japanese version is currently available with other localized versions in development. A downloadable evaluation version is available on the website.

NeuralWare Inc.
Voice: 412.278.6280
Fax: 412.278.6289

Smalltalk Industry Council Reenergized
The Smalltalk Industry Council, recently reorganized and reformed, has core members of IBM, Cincom, and Knowledge Systems Corporation with Allen B. Davis of Knowledge Systems Corporation named executive director. STIC is a nonprofit trade association with the goal of promoting an awareness of and demand for Smalltalk. Its goals are listening and responding to the needs of the Smalltalk business community and creating a focal point to distribute the latest information on Smalltalk, and encouraging additional standards for Smalltalk. The Family of C programming languages has been evolving toward Smalltalk-like functionality for the past 25 years. Java is the most Smalltalk-like, removing the direct pointer manipulation of C++ and adding fully integrated garbage collection. With its simpler syntax, consistency between class and instance behavior, much higher productivity and easier maintainability, makes it a logical choice for current Java developers.

Smalltalk Industry Council

A Design and Run, Object Oriented Java Environment
Prophecy International announces Velatte, a Java-based rapid application generation tool for J2EE-compatible application servers. A design and run tool, this object oriented Java environment generates reusable Java classes and code for the J2EE environment. Using visual modeling techniques and a shared XML repository for business models, attributes, and rules, it hides developers from the complexity of coding entire Java applications for the J2EE environment. Its easily assembled re-useable software components can speed up the software application-development process. Modify business applications quickly by adjusting the visual model to reflect the new requirements and utilizing an XML repository to store and access business entities and processes. Fully customized Web-enabled business application, based on standard components. The repository describes how these software objects should work on J2EE Servers and ANSI Standard SQL Databases, eliminates editing, compiling and debugging program code typically required to build applications. The rapid application assembly toolset produces 100 percent Java applications without requiring Java programming skills. Its component-based architecture allows enterprises to easily adapt to changing business processes.

Prophecy International
Voice: 303.771.2666
Fax: 303.771.5388

New Release of Java Data Objects (JDO) Standard
SolarMetric Inc. announces Kodo JDO 2.3.3, the latest implementation of Sun's Java Data Objects (JDO) standard,

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