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Physical and Thermodynamic Properties for Quality Modeling
QMC announces Yaws Program provides engineers and scientists accurate information on how chemicals behave at different temperatures or how chemicals behave under different conditions. It covers a variety of data for chemical properties and a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds with experimental values and estimated values including 1360 Organic Compounds, all Carbon 1 to Carbon 28 Compounds, 343 Inorganic Compounds. This software is based on the methods of Dr. Carl L. Yaws, well known for his extensive industrial experience in process evaluation, research, development, and design. The data within this software program is a derivative of Dr. Yaws current book, Chemical Properties Handbook: Physical, Thermodynamic, Environmental, Transport, Safety, and Health Related Properties for Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, McGraw-Hill.

Quality Monitoring & Control
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Flexible Mathematical Computation and Analytical Tool
Waterloo Maple Inc. announces Maple 8, a flexible mathematical computation and analytical tool for professors, researchers, scientists, engineers and students. New features include: Maplets (a package for customizing the Maple user interface), special package for students and teachers of introductory calculus, new solvers for mathematicians and scientists, and a new worksheet user interface. This tool delivers a comprehensive environment for visualizing and exploring mathematical concepts and developing mathematical applications. Additional functionality is can be added with free add-on packages at MaplePrimes ( and hundreds of applications at the Maple Application Center ( Other technical features include an advanced suite of mathematical solvers, intelligent symbolic algorithms for all areas of mathematics, scientific visualization, a powerful programming language, and connectivity to the Web, MS Excel, MATLAB, and external C, Fortran and Java programs. A special limited time upgrade offer is currently available

Waterloo Maple Inc.
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