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non-procedural knowledge and logical rules much as an application queries a database. Unlike databases, logicbases can also call back to VB, C#, Java, C++ and Delphi code offering optimal performance and flexibility for high-end, server-based applications. The latest release includes examples for VB.NET, C#.NET and ASP.NET demonstrating a wide range of intelligent application possibilities.
It is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris and can be installed on other operating systems including HP/UX and OpenVMS. The product is free for academic, personal and evaluation use. Standard Licenses start at $795 with Professional Licenses starting at $2,500 and Enterprise/ Source Code licenses starting at $30,000.

Amzi! inc.
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Range of AIProgramming Tools Updated
Logic Programming Associates Ltd. announces the V4.3 release of its software development tools including LPA Prolog for Windows, Flex (expert system toolkit with forward and backward chaining rules), Flint (handles uncertainty and includes fuzzy logic), Prolog++ (offers object-oriented modeling facilities), ProData, Intelligence Server, ProWeb Server, WebFlex (development and delivery of expert systems on the Web), DataMite, Agent toolkit and others. These tools enable software developers to build commercial rule-based systems, expert systems, knowledge-based systems and knowledge management applications for delivery on Windows PCs and the Web. Featuring advanced develop- ment and debugging facilities, and a high degree of

integration with the Windows operating system enables a robust and reliable run-time architecture. New features include: rich edit support (multiple fonts/colors in text), unlimited window contents, automatic syntax coloring (colored data types, keywords), enhanced cross reference and code location tools and. NET architecture support. The prices range from a few hundred to several thousands dollars, depending on module selection (development and deployment). DataMite offers data mining algorithms thru a programmable API.

Logic programming Associates Ltd.
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Modeling and Simulation

Beta Testers Wanted
Predictive Dynamix is seeking beta clients to test the new version of the Predictive Data Mining Suite software. Product features include: Modeling technologies including neural networks, regression, self-organizing maps, dynamic clustering, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and simulated annealing. It has automated variable selection for identifying key variables and variable interactions. Integrated graphical, statistical, & OLAP data analysis. It also has intelligent sampling for dataset reduction, a wizard mode for systematic model building and a category & model lift analysis. Model deployment is via ActiveX control in most common application platforms from MS Excel to Visual Basic & C++. The component-based architecture can be OEM-ed to serve as the predictive modeling engine for vertical solutions. Beta participants will receive comprehensive support and qualify for discounted pricing.

Predictive Dynamix.
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