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Product Update
Business Forecasting

Forecasting with Neural Networks
Alyuda Research, Inc. announces Alyuda Forecaster V1.2, neural network based forecasting software for Windows
  98/Me/2000/XP. Features include automatic data analysis and preprocessing, a selection of training algorithms, and Wizard-like interfaces. Its ease-of-use allows non-technical people to begin using neural networks for forecasting through the Forecaster’s Wizard, which guides a user through the necessary steps necessary. Automatic neural network architecture search and selection alleviates the burden of experiments with different topologies. Users search for the best neural network architecture with three different search methods, or automatically make an exhaustive search on a specified range. Managers and business analysts new to neural network based forecasting will benefit from the Standard Mode while the Expert Mode contains advanced features. The software compares forecasted versus actual values as well as training and testing errors on different data subsets. It monitors and retains a neural network with the minimum forecasting error throughout network preparation. Price $249 per copy

Alyuda Research Inc
Voice: 425.928.3570

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