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Theme: Business Rules
Table of Contents
Volume 16, Number 6
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PC AI Exclusive - Microsoft Research Spawns a New Era in Speech Technology: Simpler, Faster, and Easier Speech Application Development
  Don Barker examines the origins of speech recognition and explores Microsoft’s massive new .Net Speech Platform that promises to make speech application development simple, easy, and fast. Learn how you can take advantage of this platform to deliver speech-enabled Web sites and telephony. .Net Speech Platform is an exclusive for PCAI.


Back to Basics - Prolog Fundamentals: A Logic Programming Tutorial
Thomas Linder Puls reviews the fundamentals of Prolog programming, including how to use facts, rules, goals, and theories. Examples in the tutorial use the Prolog Inference Engine (PIE), a classical Prolog interpreter that assists in learning and experimenting with Prolog.
Temporal Abstractions Model Customer Behavior in Business Ecosystems: Insightful Data Mining
Bob Nisbet examines how historical information on customers who have left a company can predict patterns indicating which current customers have a high probability of leaving in the near future. The article proposes a link between the philosophical studies of the nature of being and CRM studies of customer response.
Improving Rule Base Quality with Rule Classification: Prolog Classification Example
Girish Keshav Palshikar explores rule structures and complexities by proposing alternate, but related, rule classifications from different points of view. Simple programming guidelines are presented with Prolog as the rule-language, although the approach is usable by other rule-base engines.
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Book Zone

Natural Language Understanding and Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing (FSNLP)
Casper Goldberg


Kismet - The Social Robot, Robotic News, Robotic Sites, and Robotic Clubs
Terry Hengl

AI and the Net

AI Market to pass $21 Billion by 2007; Prolog tutorials and references; Natural Language Processing tutorial
Terry Hengl

Buyers Guide
Natural Language Processing, Forecasting, Web Based Expert Systems, Business Rule Automation, Computational Linguistics.

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Terry Hengl

Product Update
Product Updates - Business Forecasting and Rules, Data Mining, Decision Support, Expert Systems, Knowledge Based Systems, Languages, Modeling & Simulation, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Voice and Speech Recognition, Conferences, Annoucements, Training

Crossword Puzzle - Test Your AI-Q
Natural Language Processing

Answer to Last Issue's
Test Your AI-Q Crossword Puzzle


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