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files and screen templates to the server for deployment. A simple URL call or link executes the systems.

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Knowledge Based Systems

Software Agents Learn, Search and Retrieve Online Resources
KazTrix Corporation, announces KazTrix AI Agent Application 1.0, an artificial intelligence application for building software agents, that learn, search and retrieve, access online resources, read text and clone themselves as directed by the user. Agents interact with the user to build a virtual assistant capable of learning and managing information. After training, the agents assist users in information collection and management. These agents, animated characters that live on the PC desktop, build knowledge bases as well as present information in a variety of styles. They increase their knowledge over time by receiving additional information and data. Access and find information using the smart engine, or access their knowledge base in open format, using the edit utility. There are numerous features including agent cloning, knowledge base importing and merging and any number of agents can be built. These agents reside in a single file and are fully installable, requiring no additional applications to run. An agent carries its owner’s set of permissions, ensuring the owner full control of what the receiver does with the agents. Sending or receiving agent knowledgebases enables agent knowledgebase exchange. Price: Shareware Function Limit: Comes with One Agent, limited functionality. Full version costs $29.95. Systems requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP.

KazTrix Corporation

Modeling and Simulation

Unique Object System and Multi-threading Now Available with Prolog
Prolog Development Center announces Visual Prolog 6.0, a graphical development environment now featuring a unique object system, multi-threading, additional support for functions, and improved exception handling. This complete programming environment includes a graphical development

environment, compiler, linker and debugger to develop industrial strengthapplications for the Microsoft Windows 32 platform. In addition to supporting advanced client-server and tree-tier solutions, Unicode and multi-threading, it is particularly well suited for dealing with complex knowledge. By utilizing the powerful object system, applications are architected rigidly while benefiting from loose coupling thus reducing development and maintenance cost. Prolog Development Center is offering this system for use in non-commercial contexts. Developers can download this from their home site along with a series of tutorials.

Prolog Development Center
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Modeling and Simulation

Using Data to Visualize and Design Business Strategies
Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc, announces Fair, Isaac Model Builder for Decision Trees 2.0, a tool for building, automating and improving business decisions and action strategies across an enterprise. Using data to visualize and design business strategies, this new version enhances tree management and evaluation capabilities. Technical enhancements include strategy comparison, which enables analysts to compare and contrast two strategies or decision trees. Comparison tools clearly show differences in outcomes between various models, enabling companies to select strategies that best suit their business goals. Its split management supports segmentation of data populations according to user-selected performance measures such as credit risk, revenue, or attrition. Create segmentation variables from complex expressions and calculations in addition to existing data

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