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Neural Networks

Prediction and Classification Neural Networks Fire from Web Servers through the Internet
Ward Systems announces the latest release of NeuroShell Run-Time Server, which enables prediction and classification neural networks built with NeuroShell Predictor and Classifier to fire from web servers through the Internet. The Run-Time Server includes two Active Server Page (ASP) examples and two ASP.NET examples built with Visual Basic .NET as ASP.NET target applications. The examples run on Microsoft Internet Information Server with the .NET Framework installed. This run-time server also supports calling trained networks from Excel and conventional programming languages. The NeuroShell Predictor is a professional system that solves forecasting and estimation problems by learning patterns in historical data. The product includes the proprietary neural net algorithm called TurboProp2 that trains quickly and generalizes extremely well for new patterns. The NeuroShell Predictor also includes a version of the General Regression Neural Networks (GRNN) invented by Dr. Donald Specht as well as genetic algorithm enhancements for ranking the importance of inputs. The NeuroShell Classifier optimizes the TurboProp2 algorithm to categorize or classify data. It includes the same genetic enhancements for the Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNN) to

Ward Systems
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Voice and Speech Recognition

VoiceXML Gateway Now Available
VoiceGenie Technologies announces Version 5.5 of VoiceXML Gateway, an integration of the supported VoiceGenie technologies into a single platform, including simultaneous support for PSTN an VoIP, using SIP based call control, ASR engines, and TTS engines. Engineered to maximize call density and calls per second and to minimize latencies, the Gateway also utilized specialized test tools including a VoIP call load generator and a tool to precisely measure all internal latencies to ensure performance is maximized. VoiceXML is a language for creating voice-user interfaces, particularly for the telephone.

VoiceGenie Technologies Inc.
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