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complex asset management applications, which rely on performance to execute straight through processing requirements for fast trade matching and settlement. A major workflow automation initiative in the securities industry, STP involves the seamless integration of systems and processes spanning the entire securities trade life cycle. Other new features in this release include the ability to customize the solution search strategy and concurrent optimization. A new Visual Basic interface simplifies integration with applications built using Visual Basic. It also includes ILOG Concert Technology, enabling software developers to access Java and C++, as well as advanced constraint programming optimization technology for cooperative solving. This standards-based embeddable software component supports Java and C++ applications, is easy to integrate with legacy systems as well as open systems and is almost immediately deployable.

ILOG, Inc.
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AI and Digitization of Human Expertise Accurately Score and Assesses Student’s Competency
Vantage Learning announces MY Access! 3.0, an online writing instructional technology that helps schools meet new federal mandates to show Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) within the No Child Left Behind Act. This portfolio-based writing instruction program, based on Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric engine, uses a blend of artificial intelligence and the digitization of human expertise to accurately score and assess a student’s competency in subjects ranging from reading and writing, to science and social studies. Delivered over the Internet, this tool consistently and accurately evaluates students’ progress — providing immediate feedback on how they can improve their skills. It allows students and teachers to track student writing over time using an online portfolio accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere this is an Internet-enabled computer. Enhancements include a variety of writing tools to help the student such as planning tools, a writer’s checklist, spell checking capability, grammar checking capability, a writer’s notepad and writing instruction keyed directly to the analysis of the students’ writing. This tool meets the needs of business, education, and government agencies requiring a comprehensive Internet-based test authoring, delivery, scoring and reporting platform. It uses AI technology to administer and score responses to open-ended questions over the Internet. Individuals enter a response to a question, submit the response, and receive an immediate score with feedback within seconds.

Vantage Learning
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