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Volume 13, Issue 2
Mar/Apr 1999
Theme: Rule and Object Oriented Development

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COM and OLE in Data Mining: Perspecitives, Benefits and Implementations Yuri Slynko and Sergei Anayan explore a new tool that may help solidify data mining’s place in the corporate world.
Using Microsoft VB and DCOM for AI Applications Ken Ono explains the use of object oriented techniques to provide data mining solutions.
The OSHA Hazard Awareness Advisor Ed Stern describes the process for developing Web-based and distributed informational expert systems to help business comply
CLOS - A Perspective Richard Barber discusses benefits of Object Oriented Programming with Lisp ? including implementations of web authoring (Schema GmbH) and risk analysis (Arthur D. Little Inc.)
Agile Business Rule Processing Paul Haley explains an efficient, reliable and scaleable approach to invent business processes that accurately reflect business rules policies and practices 
AI@Work - BioComp Systems Inc. and Harlequin Inc. demonstrate object oriented techniques in conjunction with AI technologies - neural networks, genetic algorithms, rules and data mining - to provide solutions to tough problems such as the Y2K

Secret Agent Man - It's Almost 2001 - Where's Hal? by Don Barker
Intelligence Files - Patent Dispute Stirs Up the Neural Net Field by David Blanchard
AI and the Net - Weather on the Web by Mary Kroening
The Book Zone - Genetic Programming - An Introduction; OLAP Solutions: Building Multidimensional Information Systems by Will Dwinnell
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  Data Mining Financial Systems
  Help Desk Intelligent Applications
  Knowledge-Based Systems Languages
  Neural Networks Object Oriented Development
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I recently came across www.research.microsoft.com, an informative site that covers current research at Microsoft and provides a technical paper archive. Under the major category, Advanced Interactivity and Intelligence, research is being done in Decision Theory and Adaptive Systems, Natural Language Processing, Speech Technology, Vision Technology, Telepresence and Advanced Development. The publicity from Microsoft's acquisitions and dealings with the Department of Justice overshadows their accumulation of some of the most creative research minds in the world. As military and corporate America reduce their R&D budgets, Microsoft has been quietly hiring the industry experts. Microsoft, with a research budget rumored to be in the neighborhood of $3 billion, is becoming the Bell Labs of the next millennium. It appears to us the focus of AI R&D, although still very active in military and general business sectors, has shifted to Microsoft. Not only does this indicate AI is alive and well, it signifies the acceptance of AI fundamentals by the leading developer of computer technology.
  In this issue we look at rule-based and object oriented development, first introduced on the Lisp based AI systems of the early 80's (See CLOS [Common Lisp Object System] "A Perspective" by Richard Barber). Whether through languages such as Lisp, Prolog, Dylan, C++, JAVA or higher level developmental environments using techniques such as Business Rules or Case Based Reasoning, these developmental concepts are now a fundamental part of business computing. The language receiving the most notice today is Java. As with all new technologies, the popular press begins by raising Java on an unrealistic pedestal and then criticizes it for not meeting the inflated expectation. Java, the latest technology to feel the growing pains that have befallen the various artificial intelligence fields that came before, will eventually evolve and thrive on the fertile planes of the Internet.
  In "Using Microsoft VB and DCOM for AI Applications" Ken Ono illustrates a flexible approach for integration of AI and data mining technologies, through Microsoft's Object Framework. Paul Haley looks at the use of AI techniques, in particular the Rete algorithm in "Agile Business Rule Processing". Ed Stern, in "The OSHA Hazard Awareness Advisor" describes their web-based expert system to identify workplace hazards. In the article, Ed illuminates the goals, strategy and results of their downloadable advisors that provide accurate and timely information to the general business community. We also include "COM and OLE in data mining: Perspectives, benefits and Implementations" by Yuri Slynko and Sergei Ananyan.
  Mary Kroenig, in "AI and the NeT", looks at weather prediction and how neural networks are helping. Don Barker takes a look at Hal from the movie "2001 A Space Odyssey" and assesses where HAL would fit relative to today's computer technology. Will Dwinnell reviews books on genetic programming and OLOP Solutions in Multidimensional Information Systems. David Blanchard rounds out the columns with the latest news from the AI industry.
  Terry Hengl Publisher 

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