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Volume 13, Issue 6
Nov/Dec 1999
Theme: Business Applications

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Prolog Assist in Brain Lesions Diagnosis:  An MR and CT Features-Based Expert System Pasteur Rasuli, Firooz Rasouli, Ali Oskouie, Tannaz Rasouli, William F. Morrish team up to build a system that performs neuroradiology diagnosis.
Online Expert Systems Bring Advice to Thousands in Navajo Nation:  Caseworker Advisor for TANF Nancy Huntington describes the development and implementation of a web centric intelligent advisor.
Square Pegs in Round Holes:  Input Rotation for Enhancing Machine Learning Solutions Will Dwinnell combines models and intelligent data manipulation to improve machine learning systems performance.
AI@Work Physicians' Desk Reference Finds a Text Search Cure; Improving Process Understanding; Interesting Rules Describe Data; AI in the HPI; Machine Expert System Evolves with Prolog.
Application-Specific Business Rules:  Automating Customer Support Dennis Merritt uses a customer support implementation to demonstrate business rule automation.
Automated Analysis of Natural Language Texts:  A New Business Technology Sergei Ananyan and Alexander Kharlamov discuss techniques, history, and new methodologies in the processing of text.
Coping with the Uncertainty Principle:  Predictive Project Risk Assessment and Risk Classification Using a Fuzzy Case-Based Reasoning System Earl Cox explores a system that analyzes and then predicts the risk inherent in a project.

Intelligence Files - It's Good to be in the AI Business by David Blanchard
AI and the Net - Shopping Bots by Mary Kroening
The Book Zone - Genetic Programming III and Remote Sensing by Will Dwinnell
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2000 - The Intelligent Millennium?

As we reach the millennium finale, we close the book on the first 50 years of research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  Although not always having met media expectations, AI technology has had a profound effect on our lives.  Besides generating thousands of technical papers, books, and applications, AI research helped shape the very foundation of computers as we know them today.  This research spawned early versions of:  time sharing, GUI interfaces, computer mice, object oriented development, speech recognition, natural language processing, intelligent agents, data mining, symbolic modeling and analysis, optical character recognition, and the list goes on.  From their humble beginnings, in the dark corners of an AI lab, many of these technologies have gone on to become industries on their own.  Other fields have been deeply affected by embedded AI technology - manufacturing, process control, fraud detection, Internet, knowledge management systems, business forecasting and risk analysis, just to name a few.  People don't realize their applications contain neural networks or genetic algorithms or that key internal algorithms are based on fuzzy logic or that the heart of the system they are using is a rule or case-based expert system.  And that is how it should be - the power is available without an advanced technical degree.  As an example of this embedded intelligence hitting the mainstream, Microsoft just announced Shilo, the latest upgrade to its SQL Server, with build in data mining capacities.
  As we look toward the next millennium, the distinction between networks, computers, and communication systems will blur - voice, video and data will be interchangeable.  Whether as individuals or corporations, we will be hit with an overload of information, wherever we are.  Intelligent technology, for filtering and summarizing the information, will provide only the crucial pieces.  This technology will also analyze the information to help make decisions - without a room full of analysts or programmers.  As the Internet becomes this master knowledge base, the years of AI research into knowledge management will really pay off.  Technologies at the forefront - machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge management, true intelligent agents, and other disciplines along with the technologies previously mentioned will become crucial.  Processor power and memory costs, limiting factors for AI development in the early years, will no longer be an obstacle.
  This issue looks at AI based applications that improve the business bottom line.  Most of these articles are based on actual applications currently in operation.  For example, the article "Online Expert Systems Bring Advice to Thousands in the Navajo Nation:  Caseworker Advisor for TANF" recounts the implementation of an intelligent caseworker advisor that helps the Navajo nation deal with government regulations and client issues.  A major issue for most businesses is customer support.  "Application-Specific Business Rules:  Automating Customer Support" demonstrates the use of business rules automation.  "Coping with the Uncertainty Principle:  Predictive Project Risk Assessment and Risk Classifiaction Using a Fuzzy Case-Based Reasoning System" looks at risk assessment in projects - a major problem for most businesses.  We also take a technical look at machine learning solutions as well as natural language text processing - technologies that are ready for prime time.  And there is much more - hope you enjoy it.
We at PC AI want to wish you a fantastic millennium!
  Terry Hengl 

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