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Volume 14, Issue 3
May/Jun 2000
Theme: Intelligent Web Portals, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

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Distributed Intelligence in the B2B Universe: Fuzzy and Neural Connections In Web-Centric Knowledge Management Earl Cox illustrates how two crucial types of computational intelligence models, fuzzy and neural systems, fit into the emerging distributed data mart architectures forming the core knowledge repositories for companies doing business across the Internet.
Process Control with Intelligence: Unified Approach Jon Paul Van Buskirk examines the use of model-based methodology to extract the true variability and eliminate redundancy in historical data sets for robust multivariable, linear and non-linear modeling.
Adaptive and Neural Inverse Control: Adaptively Controlling a Ventilator Neil R. Euliano, Ph.D. describes the application, theory, and actual results of using intelligent software to apply neural and adaptive inverse control techniques to regulate respiratory equipment.
AI@Work Applying Object Technology and Expert Systems to Complex Business Systems; Object Construction Environment Radically Reduces Development Time; Intuitive Text Mining Technology; Smooth Sailing with a Data Driven Approach to Knowledge Engineering.
Teach Your Portal Well: Notes Toward Intelligent Portals Daniel W. Rasmus and Kathleen Hall examine portals and what they can mean within an enterprise as well as a cooperation point between enterprises.
A Technical Description of Holographic/Quantum Neural Cells John Sutherland describes the operational basis for the Holographic/Quantum Neural model (HNeT), a fundamental deviation from standard connectionist models found in the Artificial Neural System (ANS) field.

Intelligence Files - It's a Smart, Smart, Smart, Smart World by David Blanchard
AI and the Net - Intelligent Web Portals by Mary Kroening
The Book Zone - Applied Pattern Recognition and Data Mining by Will Dwinnell
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This issue examines two areas of heavy AI activity.  The first, Intelligent Web Portals, is an emerging field whose importance is just being recognized.  Although there are thousands of useful web portals - and even more of questionable value - these simple portals often provide only static access to product or company information.  More advanced portals might interface with centralized enterprise knowledge repositories - existing on corporate Intranets to provide employees with personal benefit information.  They might also exist on the Internet as an interface between a contractor and its subcontractors.  Although these are useful, they are still only text-based interfaces to large databases.  That will soon be changing.  A number of companies, many of them AI based, may be leading the charge.  The ability to query that knowledge based on concepts and not simply executing a string search is just around the corner.  Companies like Megaputer, Worldfree, Abstract, dtSearch, Amzi!, and Cyc are already fielding associated products.  Dan Rasmus and Kathleen Hall, in Teach Your Portal Well:  Notes Toward Intelligent Portals take an objective look at the current state of Web Portals and what should be done to give them intelligence.  In her column, AI & The Net, Mary takes a closer look at the progress of current web portals to determine their level of intelligence.
  Neural networks and fuzzy logic are additional examples of the successful application of AI technology.  There are so many application of these technologies that it is often hard to select them for our issue.  The success of these technologies has also been demonstrated time and again as major corporations acquire the very companies that produce this technology.  For those of you that have seen the Neugent commercials from Computer Associates Intl, Inc., that was made possible by the acquisition of AI Ware.  Earl Cox, in his article Fuzzy and Neural Connections in Web Centric Knowledge Management, demonstrates how these two intelligence models can provide the core of enterprise knowledge repositories.  This issue also includes articles on the medical as well as process control applications of these technologies.
  In These pages we have packed other successful applications of AI as well as the technical basis behind these technologies.  Enjoy!
  Terry Hengl

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