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Volume 15, Issue 1
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Jan/Feb 2001
Theme: Intelligent Applications

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Building Intelligent Business Applications with Semantic Nets and Business Rules Earl Cox advocates the use of semantics networks and business models to provide a robust and extensive mechanism for creationg and using intelligent, internet-based applications in eCommerce and eBusiness.
Prolog - The Knowledge Keeper: Architecture for Embedded Intelligent Components Dennis Merritt examines how adding Prolog, as a separate component, simplifies knowledge mapping - making it intuitive for the domain expert.
Fast Genetic Programming: Machine Code Evolution Frank D. Francone introduces Genetic Programming and techniques for implementing computerized machine learning that accelerates program evolution dramatically.
AI@Work Real-Time Expert Systems: Intelligent Software Development and Development Environment; Web Based Expert System Handles Technical Support: Prolog Assists the Barcode Industry.
Weather Forecast for 2100: Hot and Stormy - Modeling Global Warming Colin Price examines one of the largest and most complex modeling and simulation challenges.
Alternative to Neural Nets: Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) Dan Steinberg discusses a serious candidate for fully automated non-linear regression that can be used to increase yields in semiconductor manufacturing, discover new drugs, predict insurance losses, and forecast weather.
Kasparov Versus Deep Blue: The Showdown Between the Human and the Computer Daniel A. Blum explores this chess competition and the lack of true Artificial Intelligence behind it.

Intelligence Files - Full Circle - the Success of AI in the Real World by David Blanchard
AI and the Net - Tools for Building Intelligent Web Sites - Overview of Expert System and Other Intelligent Applications by Mary Kroening
The Book Zone - Smart Card Handbook and Applying Case-based Reasoning by Will Dwinnell
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  Business Forecasting Business Rules
  Data Mining Decision Support
  Genetic Algorithms Intelligent Agents
  Intelligent Tools Intelligent Portals
  Internet and Web Languages
  Modeling and Simulation Natural Language Processing
  Object Oriented Development Voice and Speech Recognition
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Intelligent Applications - Their Time Has Come

Technology is fundamental to the success of today's business. Companies now realize they must focus on managing their business information as a crucial competitive asset. They must efficiently collect, organize and exploit this knowledge - while selectively sharing it across the enterprise. Applying this knowledge quickly and cost-effectively, to achieve their business goals, is what differentiates successful companies from their competitors. In particular, it is the correlation and analysis of this infomration using applications based on intelligent technologies such as rule-based systems, neural networks, and modeling and simulation that improves performance and helps forecast the corporate future.
  As PC AI begines its 15th year, we examine some interesting yet very successful applications of this technology. Starting us off, Earl Cox continues his review at the use of semantic networks, combining them with business models to provide intelligent eBusiness applications. We wanted to see how the AI languages were doing - starting in this issue with Prolog. Dennis Merritt explores the fundamental advantages for using Prolog for software development as well as for adding intelligent components to applications - all maintainable by the domain expert. One of our AI@Work stories shows Prolog at work as a web based technical support system. Prolog shows up again in Mary Kroening's AI and the Net column.
  Taking a look at other complex applications, we feature two modeling and simulation articles. First, Colin Price explains the use of modeling and simulation to forecast the effects of global warming well into the future - 50 to 100 years. Next, Daniel Blum takes a retrospective look at the big chess competition between Kasparov and Deep Blue and this computer's real lack of true intelligence. These articles illustrate the value of simulation and modeling as a means of forecasting complicated situations - not all that different from what we see in the complex business world.
  To round out this issue, Frank Francone examines genetic programming and machine learning while Dan Steinberg looks at MARS as an alternative to neural networks for complex numerical analysis.
  Dave Blanchard wraps up his series of AI and the News columns with an overview of what has hapened to the AI companies and parts of the AI industry that seemed to have faded out a few years ago. Most of them, we are glad to see, are now back, bigger, and stronger than ever. We have enjoyed working with Dave and wish him the best in his future endeavors.
  Finally, we would like to thank all of our friends, our authors, our subscribers, and our advertisers who have made it possible for us to reach our 15th Anniversary.
  Terry Hengl

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